Do you want Forums instead of Groups?

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Hello everyone again! I’m working on right now making a bunch of changes. So nows is a good time to bring in forums if that’s whats best for thoughts… What do you all think?

Other alternatives are live chats and discord.

What do you think?

Thanks a lot!

6 thoughts on “Do you want Forums instead of Groups?”

  1. FORUMS! FoRuMs! forums!……..Yay! ๐Ÿ˜€

    I already gave you my spiel on this matter but maybe we could try all 3? Like I mentioned to you already that in order for a Forum to work you need people and right now though they are trickling in …it may be a bit before we have a good amount.

    Maybe you could add a test section with the forums and not include them in the Thoughts feed page like you are doing with groups. Put them in a hidden corner somewhere? ๐Ÿ˜€

    We could work on a list of “sections” for the forums so they are not all mashed together.
    Just tossing ideas out….

    I do remember Old OLD Thoughts did have all 3….Blogs/forums/groups. And out of the 3 “Groups” were the least utilized from my perspective. Mind you…I didnt have access to stats to prove that point. But the newest old version of Thoughts did NOT have forums which was a sad day for us Forum peeps. But I get…you need to do what’s best for the place.

  2. I, for one, am a forum rat. Blogs AND forums make an excellent combination in my opinion. Groups(ings) make for much confusion when searching for that one place to post a great thought/comment that you want to be seen by everyone. JMO.

  3. Being a layperson ? and being elsewhere on a
    “Forum Site ” as a member/moderator
    The Old Thoughts forums. were welcoming…

    And not being a blogger.– I have missed the old forum
    that I was invited to check out in September –2009.
    when I became a member.
    As it was soon to go through some growing pains < LOL.
    And after it changed – I had been invited to other
    forum sites –that former thoughts members were forming…..
    Well I really missed the old thoughts
    forum of “2009“ With the ease in navigation
    and for me— the sense of order
    in finding topics and members..
    Here on the New- Thoughts…….
    I am Lost ! —————-*

    Very Happy to see Your return Ben
    The Old Thoughts forum –and it's members
    sure touched my life with Kindness and Love-
    —- The Best !……

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