Divide and Conquer

The Left has used this strategy time and time again to great effectiveness. They demonstrate this in every interaction with specific groups under the guise of “addressing constituent-specific concerns” rather than appealing to the broader electorate. By addressing each group individually they insure their rhetoric has the desired, tailored impact they want to achieve.

This was evident in the presidential election where the support of the Muslim community by the Democrats was a purposeful and coordinated action, as was their disenfranchisement to begin with. They fell victim to the same Democratic strategy as every other group of their base. They simply changed the narrative (w/ help from the ultra liberal MSM) from a matter of national security, to one of religious freedom. Same with Latinos. They turned the _illegal immigration_ issue into just an _immigration_ issue, sided with them on everything including voting rights and citizenship, and then convinced them, too, that no one other than the Democrats either cared or would actually do anything for them. You know, -because everyone else is out to get them. They backed everything the LGBTQ community wanted, agreeing with them on every issue, making them feel as though everyone else was persecuting them, and that the Democrats were the only ones that could, or would help them. Again they ensured that they all felt persecuted and that the _only_ ones that could or would help them, were the Democrats. And for the black vote they simply relied on their support from the Obama administration to effectively communicate that only the Democrats could possibly help them, using scare tactics to paint a vivid picture in which the country would devolve into some dystopian society where slavery came back and lynchings were commonplace. And, of course, the Democrats are the only ones that can possibly save them.

And then they targeted women. Here’s where their plan fell shy. If they had targeted women like the other groups, they might have gotten enough of them to sway the outcome. But they chose to target women _en masse,_ as opposed to singling out specific-issue groups. They attempted to make the shift to issue-based, women-targeted rhetoric, but is was too little too late, and American women are a lot smarter and independent than many others around the world.

Their strategy was pretty simple, divide and conquer. They pretty much nailed the initial concept. Had they won the election, they could rather easily have calmed all of those separate, angry, whipped-into-a-froth groups of voters down by simply giving them almost any token thing and telling them they won. Bathrooms? Sure. Freeze deportation? Okay. Increase refugees into USA? Yup. _And free abortions and gender reassignment surgeries for all on Uncle Sam!_ Suddenly everyone’s happy (in their base) because they got something for _themselves_ and got an “attaboy” to boot. Had the Democrats won the election, they would’ve looked brilliant in winning a contested election, bringing “progress” to the country, and bringing together all of those angry groups…had it been successful.

The problem is, they *didn’t* win, but left all of those groups that they targeted and made to feel persecuted, frightened, and angry, *STILL OUT THERE* feeling persecuted, frightened, and angry, but with no unifying force to talk them down from the ledge, creating a space where Antifa, BLM, and other anarchist groups thrive and spread their hate across the country. Now there’s nothing to do but wait until one side or the other decides they’ve had enough.

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