A DESSERT taller than the Jenga Tower (Vasai)


This dessert is available at “the brew corner” in Vasai west. It is called “The Everest”. It costs Rs. 400. It has multiple layers of Ice cream, brownies, waffles and it’s topped with fresh cream, chocolate and caramel sauce with chocochips sprinkled.
The cafe is located near GG college. It’s claims that the dessert  is taller than the Jenga tower (an indoor game build of blocks).

Actual picture of Dessert


The dessert is worth it’s price. If you have a sweet tooth this is the perfect for you. It is adviced that you order this when you are with a group, as it is too difficult for one person to finish the whole dessert.
It’s something new and extraordinary for Vasai.
P.S- Thanks to Curly Tales
Their website: http://curlytales.com

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