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Do you ever want to know what depressed people feel like?

why would you wanna cause them more pain if you see them down ?

what in the world makes it ok to ask someone if their ok if you know they aren’t going to admit whats wrong because they think you wont understand which you probably wont if you didn’t ever suffer like we do. Give them a hug, tell them your there and actually be there don’t tell them and then not do it try your best to keep them smiling everyday because you never know when your last time talking to them because depression is mixed with anxiety we are scared to lose people we love we are scared to hurt other people around we don’t want to hurt anyone I promise we are loveable people from the inside its how you treat us hurts us more. people out in the world who are disrespectful to kind and nice people hurts. Depression makes you sad, we don’t feel nothing but sadness, theres no happiness no matter how hard we try to fight it we cant fight it alone and people think counseling helps, well it don’t we get worse because we have to tell a stranger our business because a close friend or a family member wont listen. I have had depression for 13 years and I have had counseling for 10 years. Did it work? haha. no it didn’t it made me worse made me kill myself or attempt to and im still here sadly even though I don’t want to. I feel betrayed and broken inside and I don’t feel loved no more. wanna know why? Because my depression was small at the time then kept adding up to bullying, grieving , then getting a kitten to help with my grieving then my mom puts down the cat she got old and sick and I couldn’t do anything I couldn’t hold my cat one last time just like I had to say bye to my grandma on the phone instead of going to see her because my mom wouldn’t take me. The reason she wouldn’t take me is because she didn’t wanna cause me more pain. let me tell you me and my grandma had the strongest bond in the family strong enough to go give her cigarettes away to the neighbors because I wanted her to get better and if you have someone that close to you and you love then you will understand why I’m so shattered until then you wont know or understand the whole point of my depression. My grandma died on December 24, 2014 when I was 14 years old I have been grieving for 5 years almost and I’ve tried classes, counseling, group chats online, suicide hotline, nobody can help without feeling guilty I don’t have anyone to talk to if you need a friend to talk to I am always here to listen and give advise im good with that kind of stuff because I go through it I will love to help and give some advise just add me on kik your name and age (ilovehim12233) we will beat the depression together and if you need to talk to someone on the phone I will call if you want and let you save my number anytime 🙂 please don’t hide your depression nomore talk to people about it don’t hold it in.

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