Democrats, the Gift That Keeps on Giving

Oh, where to begin…I know, creepy uncle Joe.

Joe Biden faced a swift backlash on Friday for suggesting during a contentious radio interview with host Charlamagne tha God that those having a hard time “figuring out” whether to support him or President Trump “ain’t black.”

Way to keep ’em on the Democratic plantation, Joe!

Biden asks Amy Klobuchar to undergo vetting as possible running mate. That would be the same Senator Amy Klobucher who finally admitted her husband recovered from the Wuhan Virus after taking hydroxycloroquine.

Hydroxycloroquine is unsafe for ordinary Americans according to the democrats and their MSM propaganda arm. I can’t wait to hear CNN’s Jim “dead diary” Acosta asking her at her next interview, “Senator Klobucher, now that you’ve been vetted, hydroxycloroquine saved your husband’s life, is it safe for ordinary Americans too?”


Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer signed an executive order that banned regular Michiganders from traveling between residences in the state. Whitmer banned travel to summer homes.

Whitmer extended the ban on traveling to summer homes thru April 30th. The ban was lifted but Governor Whitmer begged Michiganders not to travel up north.

Evidently the rules do not apply to the elites like Gretchen Whitmer or her family.

Radio host Randy Bishop posted a photo today of several vehicles at Governor Whitmer’s summer home in or near Birch Lake, Michigan.

Not to be out done

Illinois Governor J.B. Pritzker has his workers and businesses locked down for the foreseeable future.
But the billionaire governor will not let the government imposed lock-down interfere with his own plans.

Last week Pritzker also told CNN the citizens of Illinois may be forced to wear masks indefinitely.

Earlier this week Governor Pritzker threatened business owners with a year in prison if they try to reopen.

But the lock-down laws only apply to the rubes.
They don’t apply to Governor Pritzker, a Democrat billionaire.

In May, while he imposed lock-downs on the people of Illinois, he had his wife and kids flown to Florida.

On Friday news broke that Governor Pritzker is sending Illinois construction workers to Wisconsin to work on one of his many mansions.

Governor Pritzker says “there is no double standard.”

Next, Gov. Andy “Grandma Killer” Cuomo

As the Associated Press reported Friday morning, an investigation discovered that more than 4,000 nursing home patients who had tested positive for COVID-19 were returned to their care facilities due to this state order.

More than 4,300 recovering coronavirus patients were sent to New York’s already vulnerable nursing homes under a controversial state directive that was ultimately scrapped amid criticisms it was accelerating the nation’s deadliest outbreaks, according to a count by The Associated Press.

AP compiled its own tally to find out how many COVID-19 patients were discharged from hospitals to nursing homes under the March 25 directive after New York’s Health Department declined to release its internal survey conducted two weeks ago. It says it is still verifying data that was incomplete.

The issue has become a huge problem for Cuomo, who has been labeled “the grandma killer” by critics. When confronted with the data by the AP, the state health department declined to comment. One individual quoted by the AP called it “the single dumbest decision” made during the response to the pandemic.

And guess what – this decision had nothing to do with President Trump. While Cuomo of course tried to deflected criticism to the Trump administration by claiming that the decision stemmed from federal guidance, the AP pointed out that “few states went as far as New York and neighboring New Jersey, which has the second-most care home deaths, in discharging hospitalized coronavirus patients to nursing homes. California followed suit but loosened its requirement following intense criticism.”

Whatever the full number, nursing home administrators, residents’ advocates and relatives say it has added up to a big and indefensible problem for facilities that even Gov. Andrew Cuomo — the main proponent of the policy — called “the optimum feeding ground for this virus.”

“It was the single dumbest decision anyone could make if they wanted to kill people,” Daniel Arbeeny said of the directive, which prompted him to pull his 88-year-old father out of a Brooklyn nursing home where more than 50 people have died. His father later died of COVID-19 at home.

“This isn’t rocket science,” Arbeeny said. “We knew the most vulnerable – the elderly and compromised – are in nursing homes and rehab centers.”

Told of the AP’s tally, the Health Department said late Thursday it “can’t comment on data we haven’t had a chance to review, particularly while we’re still validating our own comprehensive survey of nursing homes admission and re-admission data in the middle of responding to this global pandemic.”

Cuomo didn’t reverse the order until May 10. According to the directive, nursing homes could “refuse” to take in the patients if they weren’t “equipped” to handle them. But unsurprisingly, no nursing homes did so – since this would be tantamount to admitting that the facilities weren’t safe.




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  1. Mind boggling that creepy Joe is the best that the demonrats have to offer US! 🙂 LOL!!!
    Essentially creepy Joe wants all of the Blacks back in the demonrat Plantation, so to speak.
    But #BLEXIT is very much real now and being lead by Candace and others… 😎

    1. Biden, “offed” in a brokered convention or by the 25th amendment. He’s not the candidate. Only two things going on right now. One, taking dementia to avoid prosecution. Two, providing evidence of dementia to initiate the brokered convention.

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