Deep Observation and me (Decreasing Diameter of earth and shortening size and Height of living being Theory)( My Story)

It used to be a time when First time I watched a Movie Jurassic Park. First Time I saw and heard about a Specie named Dinosaurs. So I was horrid to see the devastation that it did in that movie.
Matter of fact our Home was adjacent to the Central Graveyard of City. And we used to create horrible environment while watching Zee Horror Show. It was a time when I was much fond of watching wild life movies and horror movies.
Vultures, Iguana and dragon lizards were commonly found in such habitat. The environment was quite suitable for their growth and reproduction. It was first time when I got horrid from Dragon Lizard and its snake like tongue.
I started calling it Dinosaur and I used to fear it a lot. It used to live underground and when it used to get out of its dug it was for sure it was pursued and killed. Same was the case for snakes and commonly found snake was Cobra.
Snakes were traced pursued and burned alive.
I also observed Lizards and regenerating tails that it has. The Crocodiles and underwater hunt of living beings that it used to consume as food.
But above all I matched the resemblance of dragon with Dinosaur. Although similar Long Tail and body structure.
Later on when in higher classes I studies about the reptiles. And Ancient reptiles endangered due to changing climate.
I heard about Foot print of Adam in Sri Lanka. It was giant human foot. Then I was rectified that its Pious foot of father of humanity Adam.
A concept developed in me. With the passage of time all living beings including humans are reducing in height. It developed in me another concept. Reptiles still exist. Only a specie endangered as does today.
Humans and living beings are reducing in height so as this entire earth including plants and trees other species as The time is passing.
These might be reptiles of Adam or Noah age. When Humanity was drown all the living beings were drown in Great Flood from intense rainfall.
Fossils showed many endangered species.
Iguana ,Dragon Lizards and Dinosaur are all reptiles. I understood my observation later on. I also observed Komodo Dragons and flying Dragons as well. They were giant Dragons. Iguana eats dead body of humans when they die and buried in graves.
I used to observe my hand and foot movement and used to ponder that which force is causing movement of my hand. I clutch a stick and move it. It moves. Remote control cause the channels to change from one station to another.
Later on I became educated that hands move with signals of brain that consist of nerve impulses. But a remote sends signals to decoder that responds the command.
A brain gets command of intend then sends according signals. That impulses reach the organ cause the commanded movement.
Such pondering mind was perceived as insane just because of a social bias of some people that wanted to mount down my father from heights of success.

Commonly observed birds around me are house sparrows Mynas crows nightingale owl bat small blacky hummingbirds cuckoos Subcontinent Dove and previous city Eagles and Vultures and among Cat Family….The house Cats …vicious Dogs are pursuants of me since very beginning……Ants attack me but emmets are calm….spiders never bitten me but scorpions obviously follow its instincs…..snakes are observed around and burnt …..lot of frogs in rainy season not only in previous house but also in new house …sparrows nests everywhere and Crows always over me…Pigeons and parrots never harmonise but mammals like goats sheeps and camels sounds as gesturing as the way they start moving not to ask about donkeys their ugly voice appealing unload request…
Don’t start Calling me Mogli..

It is reality I am being used as defense shield and goat of sacrifice …But the day I will be pulled out of this living hell Every radiation will start penetrating them If my Email resulted in death of extremist leader I have been captured here so that World have to shed blood tears before final nail in cascade I know when this defense shield will be pulled out …They will be exposed to any radiation..

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