Day Off!

My oh My, taking a day off was absolutely amazing!

I am enjoying this downtime so much. Went for a nice walk today and bought myself some nice flowers. I plan on going to hair dress on March 19 at noon. Hopefully can log in a 26KM run on Saturday instead of Sunday as I need to prepare myself for my hospital appointment on Monday. Much to my defence, this time next week it will be done and over with. Hopefully the weather will be nice. Don’t forget to play that song you downloaded. And last but not least, just getting the final steps of painting down and over WITH!

Bought a really nice cool lime T-shirt today at AE. Going to wear it with jeans. Don’t forget your meditation tonight at 7:30. You can do this with your laptop.

Enjoy your evening,

Much love xox

2 thoughts on “Day Off!”

  1. I like this. Don’t know the story of your hospital visits and why would I? But good luck with that. I have discovered over the last few years that “Me time” is essential and, thankfully, I can incorporate this into my daily routine at work now, almost every day of the week. I need it. And I work in hospitals too – have done for almost 40 years now. Love the reference to meditation too,

  2. Thank yo so much Jim for wishing me good luck. It was a routine check up and clean bill of health :). As I get older I never take for granted our health. I am so greatful for being healthy. I agree with you that “me time” is essential. You are the only person who has your back. I just turned 50 in January and good thing about it is that I am getting wiser, mind you we will always have something to improve but I have learned to embrace life so much and always make an effort to give others a smile. Its costs nothing and it makes their day. Congratulations for working in a hospital setting for 40 years! that is commitment right there. You must have a lot of stories! What is your role at the hospital if you don’t mind me asking? In reference to meditation, it has helped tremendously to work through the pandemic time. Need it now more then ever since 2 people left in our team at work and it’s so hard to re-adjust. have a great day Jim!

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