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Crypto & Shibarium

Ok shibarium has been dangled in our faces for a couple of years now and yesterday it comes out like a quiet fart. No parades no hype no grandstand and crypto currency tanks across the board. What’s up with that?
This was supposed to take shib by storm and make everyone rich, according to some people that have sites all about shib extensively.
I know Rome wasn’t built in a day and neither was Shibarium as we all can attest to.
So I’d like to know why bone and leash are worth more then shib when the whole idea of shibarium was to get shib to pull up its big boy pants and kill doge and then play with the bigger kids?
What’s happening now with shibarium out is like a doge on a leash and having a steak just inches away from him so he can smell it real well but just can’t get it.

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