Covid Vaccine Part 1

So …I ended getting the first Vaccine a few weeks ago. I didn’t think my sons Tribe would include me in their Vaccination list but they asked my sons if I wanted it or anyone else in our household. I felt horrible because I assumed Native Politics would come into play and I was positive they would NOT offer it to me. But….I should have known better. I always preach not to paint people with the same brush and there I was doing just that.

I was still debating up to the hour of my appointment if I wanted it. My sons kept pushing me to just get it….but they still weren’t going to get it. Which is one of the reasons I didnt want it. Anyhow….I had only 3 hours of sleep and went in all groggy with a slight headache due to lack of sleep. So when they asked if I felt any side effects…I couldn’t tell because as I said…. I went in with a slight headache and feeling groggy. I didnt even feel the needle . I am so happy they asked what arm I wanted it in because the stories I heard were the arm aches for days. So I had them poke my left arm. In a few hours…..I could barely move my arm. It felt like someone stabbed it. A few days after that I got the Covid rash on the vaccination spot. Now mind you…I never had a flu shot or any other immunization they offer as adults. So I honestly felt I could feel this foreign stuff working its way through my body. But….I survived with slight side effects. Next week….I am due for Part 2 and I hear its a doozie.

Anyone else get it Vaccine yet? If so …any side effects?

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