Covid Vaccination

I have just been to Epsom Downs Racecourse, one of the many vaccine hubs scattered across the UK where I got jabbed with the AstraZeneka Covid vaccine. Apart from a slightly inflamed area on my arm where the needle went in I don’t feel any adverse side effects – yet. I hope this trend continues unbounded.

Our government’s aim is to get the top 4 tier cohorts vaccinated (15 million) by Monday 15th February, and as it stands it now looks that this unprecedented mass vaccination target will be met.

In ten weeks time I have to get a booster jab which will maximize my protection against Covid. This all comes in a time when the virus has undergone many mutations and puts in question the efficacy of the currently available vaccines. Covid is not going away any time soon and all vaccines will probably have to be modified in order to counter the emergence of more contagious variants.

Just like the annual Flu jab, we will have to accept the fact that from now on we will all need to get annually jabbed against any new dangerous strain of Covid.

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  1. Astra Zeneca was the one I wanted when it was still in the testing phase. But it hasn’t been approved over here yet and my mother (retired nurse) recommended Pfizer. So Pfizer is the jab I got. And I should say STAB because like I mentioned ….I didnt feel the initial 💉shot….but after a while I felt like my arm was stabbed or better yet…punched 100 times by Rocky Balboa 🤣

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