Covid Social Bubble

I saw a story on the news a few months ago about these social bubbles. You have to completely trust everyone in the bubble ….must be someone who takes being safe as seriously as you do. You can take hikes together….dine together….do the social things you normally would do with your friends and family but in the safest manner. And if anyone steps out of the bubble with people they feel may have exposed them they MUST be honest with everyone else in the bubble and quarantine until the coast is clear. My fiends have been wanting me to come over for dinner….so I finally decided to form my bubbles. I am going to one friends house on Saturday for a special dinner. It will be outside and I think 8 of us. I am so excited to go.

Do any Thoughtsters have their social bubble?

If not…..would you consider forming one?

5 thoughts on “Covid Social Bubble”

  1. I’m definitely in the co-worker social bubble as we have all been forced together being essential, lol! I think everyone is safe but mostly just have to take care and trust it. Have a nice dinner with your friends!

    1. Thanks 😉 I do hope we have a good time too….cause I will admit I am a bit wary and still am convincing myself that we will all be safe.

      I hope you all stay safe at your workplace.

    1. Well…it is my first time venturing out with friends for social reasons. I have been out shopping and it felt so nice to interact with people (from a distance of course)

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