Countdown to less.

Another minimalist journey.

I’ve been entertaining the notion for a few years now of purging my personal possessions to no more than 100 items.

I got the idea with my first online minimalist encounter almost a decade ago.

For that long it has lingered at the back of my mind.

Lately, the plan has been taking shape.  I’ve many times contemplated how I should count things that come iun pairs; socks, earplugs, and such, as this or that item presents itself.  Also considering whether to count at all those things that are perpetually replenished, such as food items, hygiene products, and the like.

Many constantly arising considerations.  A new one at every turn, or so it seems.

I have finally set about compiling a rudimentary list, which currently stands at the half century mark.(50 items).

Also to take into consideration is a time line for when I want to have the whole process reach culmination, which  I have tentatively scheduled, finally, for Dec 31, 2018.  Should humanity survive that long.

I know it seems more than reasonable to expect completion by then, but situations constantly arise.

I have been actively going through the “de-cluttering” phases, sporadically, erratically, and apparently in vain.  Yet I persist.  At least in my mind.

During the occasional moment of elusive cognizance, that is to say.

It seems though, that for every five items I manage to dispense with, somehow I still end up attaining two more to take their place.  Sometimes through moments of thoughtlessness, casually picking up some inane, non-requisite artifact while on a mission for things more essential in nature.

(to be cont.)

1 thought on “Countdown to less.”

  1. I remember when I first started doing this. It had to be 20 years ago…..

    I pulled my boxes out of our storage.I opened one box and it was full of old clay sculptures. And they were horrible. I remember saving them thinking I wanted to keep them to show my progression. And of course they would be worth MILLIONS when I become a famous artist 😉
    clunk clunk clunk they hit the bottom of the trash can.
    Spirals of tablets full of sketches from WAY back. I ripped out page after page before deciding to just toss all of the pads.
    From there I moved room to room and pretty much emptied them.
    I have all boys and they were young at that time. The less for them to break around the house the better right?

    I live completely opposite from my mother who fills every inch of her house with something beautiful.

    Anyhow… mother just flew in for the holidays and I ended up spending TOO much on things to make her visit a comfortable
    one. My sons asked what we were going to do with all the stuff I bought for the house after my family leaves. I told them we will sell it all on Craigslist.

    As for getting 2 items in place of the one you got rid of?
    It’s that way with gifts I get from people. I just want to let it be known NOT TO BUY ME ANYTHING. Dinner…donations to charity….edible gifts are perfect.
    I wish you luck on your quest.


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