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Cotton Tree

I …for the first time in my life saw a Cotton Tree. He was growing in my friends yard and he stood so tall. I was sitting on her third floor balcony and I was looking up at the beautiful cotton balls that were as big as a softball if not bigger. I NEVER knew they had trees that grew cotton. I knew they had the bushes we all grew up knowing farmers grew. BUT A GIANT TREE?

It was such a beautiful tree. Not many leaves. My pictures I took were too dark so I had to find some photos online to share. I was in such amazement that I just had to share. I can just imagine all of the beautiful trees out in this world that I have yet to see. I know I must seem like I live in such a sheltered world to get so happy over a Cotton Tree. Anyone else see these beautiful trees before?

4 thoughts on “Cotton Tree”

  1. Wow! Those are amazing! And I love that you are excited about nature. I live in north Florida so I’ve seen cotton fields but never anything like this!

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