Are we blowing this thing way out of proportion?

Should we be worried?

Are you prepared for it?

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  1. The virus was first discovered in the 1960’s and had various strains. Should we be worried? Well yes. Any virus that kills cause for concern. The most concerning aspect about this new outbreak is: the doctor (Dr Li Wenliang) who discovered the new outbreak was silenced by the Chinese authorities.

    1. @jules60

      Within my own household we have different opinions on this matter. My sons never get flu shots or take any form of modern medicine. My Buddhist son says ….. why are so many fearful of this? We should get it so we can develop our own antibodies towards it.
      My oldest son absolutely DOES NOT WANT ME GOING ANYWHERE. We made a trip to Costco to do a little stock up in the house. Which was perfect timing because I am reading articles on how Costco is running out of certain items. He is also ordering extra air filters to keep the air clean. He is like a Sergeant and monitors everything. Did you go anywhere? Why? etc etc etc. Times like this…. I wish his girlfriend would keep him busy.
      My youngest (who is 25) is talking to his friends about it and they are on a conspiracy theory about how China released it to stop the protestors. Which sounds possible to me….why I didn’t think about that myself just shows how lazy my mind has become. I love a good conspiracy theory.
      I am thankful my sons keep up on these things. And also makes me want to do my own research to keep up with conversations with them.

      Didn’t the Coronavirus kill Dr. Li WenLiang?

      1. Yes, it did kill him – stone dead!
        A few months back he issued a warning on social media telling the world about a new strain of coronavirus which had the potential to go global. His attempt at raising the alarm was then quashed by the police and subsequently removed. It all went quiet and a few months later here we are on the brink of a pandemic. In a few short weeks it has now travelled around the globe – transported by people who didn’t even know that they had it. Only now in this late hour does the world sit up and take notice; this is not like seasonal flu and can’t be treated as such.
        I hear now that Italy have closed all schools and universities in an attempt to stem the transmission of the virus. All major sports events scheduled for this year like the Olympics may well be cancelled or held behind closed doors, it all depends where the world is at in a few months time, and that, at this moment in time is unknown.

        1. @jules60
          Of course our great country is a little slow to the party.
          If it were just a flu….why all the secret meetings?…trying to limit media coverage? Sometimes…..we seem to be going backwards over here.

  2. I am very concerned as my oldest daughter-son in law
    and grandchildren live in China . She said it was surreal and
    not a very pleasant way to live with all that is going on in China…..
    Nuff said for while I do watch all sorts of things on the news…
    I have come to the point where voicing my opinion -is often very biased…
    Some have joked about- the hype – that the media is making and I think
    if somethings ever hit closer to home– they might wake up to another
    reality of sorts. …. Lighter Note ? Corona Beer has taken some “hits” as if…
    For Goodness Sake Alive……. sometimes you have to “Really” wonder…….
    Quote :
    ” To be crystal clear (and we can’t quite believe
    this might need explaining) there is absolutely zero connection
    between Corona beer and this deadly virus. So if you’re looking forward
    to relaxing this weekend with a beer and zesty lime, please
    do go ahead and indulge.”

      1. @aguila

        I just had to post that joke picture of Pence and “Corona Beer” 😉

        I can completely see where your concerns are coming from. Your daughter lives there? I sure hope she keeps her family safe through all of this. Did she have the option to come back to US when people were being evacuated from China?
        My son is going to Europe in a few weeks and I really wish he would change his plans until all this concern dies down.
        My sister will be traveling to Afghanistan and though the outbreak seems limited there…..the route there is where I am concerned.
        I worry about everyone.
        I just completed a Level 1 Reiki class so I am going to be practicing around the clock it seems.

        Hope all is well with you Aguila.

        1. ” Moni ” You made it ALL BETTER !
          with that sick- FUNNY AS HELLO pic.
          Of Our Man“ Pence“- Handling it.
          It will take some time “butt.““Haha……

          1. @aguila

            That artist does the greatest political cartoons. Glad you saw the humor in it.
            So what do you think of our states lock down? Have you been out? It’s so strange. I ordered some steaks from a steak house the other day and when I walked in to pick them up…the cook…the manager and the host were all siting there in an empty restaurant. Once I walked in they all stood up and thanked me for supporting them during these hard times.
            I know so many people are hurting financially and because I saw how much they appreciated my business I will order from them more often. Also….when I order out I stretch my at home food stash 🙂
            I hope you are ok….stay safe.
            When all of this is done and over with we should have tea.

    1. @brokenarrow

      Of course…..cause that’s all it is?

      One of my sisters is in the Middle East (Work) and got sick on her way there. I kept telling her to stay away from everyone but she was at a training camp before they shipped out and couldn’t keep THAT far away from anyone. BUT she did say lots of people were sick in the group and there was no testing for the virus.

  3. It should have been contained in Wuhan. But it wasn’t. So here we are. A Pandemic. I’m not in pandemic mode. People are going crazy. bath tissue, paper towels, kleenex and such, cleaners, disinfectants, etc going off store shelves like crazy. I should be in panic mode,,, not do to the virus, but to the people going crazy buying everything in bulk. Calm the f— down people. Wash your hands and stay at least 10 feet away from other people. Avoid those who cough or sneeze for any reason like they have the plague And wash your hands, I won’t say it again and I repeat, wash those hands. You don’t know where other’s hands have been. I’m going to be paid very very well if the company I work for gets the decontamination go ahead. Bio Hazard work pays well when it’s available. Stipulation,,, no dads of small children can work decon, nor can those who are close to the elderly or who have diabetes or close to someone who does, and anyone with weak immune systems for any reason, or heart condition or lung condition. Those who can such as myself will be suited up, gloved up, full face respirator and hood will have all openings taped closed. Chance of contacting? all depends on if we wash our hands Properly after taking suits and masks off at lunch,,, which could run in shifts depending on the structures. Retirement homes, and such, hotels, motels, peoples homes, motorhomes, campers,,, anyhing really.. Yes, even airplanes.

    1. Very interesting.
      So lets say….if your parents had weak immune systems…as long as you don’t live with them you can still do your line of work?
      It’s just common sense that you would stay away from them while doing a job.
      Do they call your company to do Cruise Ships?
      I was driving downtown yesterday and was shocked to see Disneys Cruise ship parked in our bay. I think it may be one of the ships that might be used as a hospital;
      Anyhow….stay safe out there.

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