Just tired of saying…FIRE! We are at a safe distance but luckily the wind changed and we can’t smell the smoke at the moment. It was coming through our vents and ash was falling all over last night. It actually did look like little flakes of snow at 110` Degrees.

Fire was only at 1% containment when I last checked and unfortunately they are saying Santa Ana winds are expected in a few days. I am thankful I don’t live up there anymore. Keeping all my old neighbors in my thoughts and prayers.

2 thoughts on “Combustion!”

  1. I would like to say – “Oh what lovely photographs” – but knowing the subject matter I can’t; the pictures are awful. I struggle to imagine what it’s like living within a fire season zone; each year never knowing what will happen or how bad it will get. How do you cope with that? And the smoke and fumes. . .talk about localised toxic air pollution. And you mention that the fire is only 1% contained? So how long do they estimate it will take before they get it under control, or is it an unknown factor when fighting spontaneous wildfire?

  2. Ugh… can be so frustrating. Every fire is different and the weather plays a major factor. They were announcing the whole week before about the heat wave we were going to have over the weekend and warning about wild fires. The conditions were perfect for them. So when you get those warnings you know to be on alert. You have things ready just incase. We learned years ago to keep one container. In that container we keep important documents/ Flash drives with photos/ second forms of ID (passports/state IDs) credit/debit cards. So when we have to evacuate we just grab that container and GO. Everything else is replaceable. We put the cat cage somewhere we could just throw it in. But living where we live….I THINK we are safe. But seeing other fires through out the years all over California…..people who THOUGHT they were safe were proven wrong. When the Santa Ana winds pick up…..nothing is really safe unless you live in the city or certain suburbs. Those red embers can fly way up and far away in the wind. And when these fires get this big….they create their own weather systems. Right now the fire is moving east and we are west. Still only 1% contained and the military has joined in the fight. The Santa Ana winds are expected to arrive Wednesday so getting a handle on it before Wednesday is so important but it doesn’t seem likely. The direction it is heading is mostly national forest. But there are ranchers spread out all over that area.

    Truly….I was traumatized for years after being stuck in one and trying to get home only to discover EVERY way home was closed because we had fires everywhere. Now I can watch the news and not get so emotional. And it is expensive. If you don’t have family near by you are paying for hotel rooms and pet boarding until the evacuations are lifted.

    To live in a beautiful area comes with the dangers. Which use to be once a year. But with climate change….we seem to have fire season all year round.
    The news has been covering air quality all day long.

    I use to think about those people who live down Tornado Alley. Its a part of America that gets tornados every year. And their houses get blown away….people die….why do they keep rebuilding in that same area? Why do us Californians keep building after areas were burned down?

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