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Colour Out of Space

I don’t normally devote my blogs to film reviews as such, but I just watched what I can simply describe as one of the most disturbingly hypnotic movies I have seen in a while. Strictly speaking this is not a film review but a gentle nudge toward anyone who might fancy watching it. The film has Nicolas Cage and Joely Richardson who reside with their three children on a farm once owned by Cage’s father – Tommy Chong also has a small part to play. The family dynamic is seriously interrupted one night by the falling of a purple, glowing, meteor just outside their house. The following day the Sheriff is called in but the mysterious object has disappeared and no one can claim to know where it has gone.

It all sounds very similar to other Sci-fi and horror movies doesn’t it? But I’m not going to go into too much detail about this because it will spoil it for anyone willing to take the plunge, wear rubber underwear, and sit through it. . .and any simularity is soon dispelled as the film enters into a alternative tangent.

What I will tell you is that this film is based on a short story by horror maestro H. P. Lovecraft, and anyone familiar with this gentleman’s writings will know it’s time to buckle up and expect the worse for all the film’s protagonists; it doesn’t disappoint with this expectation on any level.

(Minor spoiler) Midway through the film there is a very disturbing scene that even I. . .me!! one who has watched countless Sci-fi horror films found himself cringing and gripping the sofa for tactile comfort.

So. . .if you fancy curling up on your sofa to watch a spell-binding horror film (alone or otherwise) which unfolds slowly but surely to a horrendous climax, then check out “Colour Out of Space.”

WARNING: Stay away from pizza.

3 thoughts on “Colour Out of Space”

  1. I have to say Jules… REALLY need to do more movie reviews. You got me hooked. I am going to sign off now because I found the movie somewhere on my TV and I am going to start watching it.

    No pizza in site 😉

  2. Ok….watched this CREEPY movie and have to say it was not something up my alley. But I KNOW my sisters and brothers would LOVE this so I sent them the recommendation.

    As for that disturbing scene you mentioned…… the ‘MELDING” of the 2?

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