The Change Theory ( My story)

Today I am going to write about a ponder that is not far away….It is of my younger age. It was a time when something Striking I felt to my mind.
As The knowledge of God and science are consistent. Is it possible If God change or revise any part of the science of this world. Hence he is going to get us admitted in Nursery once again.We are empowered to bring in control and delegated to operate.We are directed to cross the boundaries of this planet but everywhere Empire of God will be evident.If The earth start rotating in opposite direction the sun will set in east and rise from west….My dream process was a kind of future stream play…I used to dream very next incidence and mostly I experienced its materialization that was enough discreet.

The time exists but on this planet outside this planet You won’t find time but only space You will astonished No time is passing like on our planet ..

..A post haste was nothing but that dream process that prove to be a discreet anticipation as it has no factual grounds and experiencing but just a dream play…

I was pondering this way because of the abrupt climate changes and soaring temperature that failed all over scientific control. If it would have been possible we had so far controlled the climate of this world.

Forecast and prediction systems were unable to understand what is causing the abrupt Climatic Changes in this world.
Can you believe a trillion dollar missile trajectory gets changes and its fire energy is consumed somewhere and a mysterious bird does this and leaves the planet
Or a white beard and covered spirit causes accidents and disappear

Floating birds in clouds for rainfall

It seems Micheal and Azreal are in action.
Gabriel rescues people such Ishmael from slaughter by turning sharp side opposite
Joseph by catching him before he fells in bottom of well

Abraham before he burns in fire of Pharaoh by transforming it into Flowers

Even missiles before they explode

Gabriel saving angel Azreal Death angel

Michael’s climate angel specially rainfall earthquake Sand storm hurricane Tsunami catastrophic Angel with angels but it is reality Harp system today is manipulating climate of our planet with energy and electromagnetic control until Tsunami the last Angelic catastrophe for Noah of todays age now this planet is in Harp system manipulation even neuralizing Force of friction can help reducing or minimizing damage or wounds it will be helpful in reducing damages resulting from accidents
Obstinacy is Satan’s instinct his obstinacy against Adam and was cursed he became devil because of his obstinacy…

Well If God can revise the Science….It means today all the universal laws today may get revised in future. Our E system might be studying it that will be quite different as compared to Today.
This Entire Universe is a science and it might be possibility God keeps on playing with Laws and Science of this entire Universe and it keeps on increasing our limits in acquiring the science of this universe until the acquirer burns out.
It means its Entire God’s Knowledge and it is consistent with human science. Still mads  like Edison Newton Einstein Hawking will be required to see this universe differently
It also leads me to a concept there is an operator of this universe that keeps on playing by introducing new sciences biological ,physical, Chemical or mathematical.
We bring in control those sciences that are until that way. Well this entire universe is Engineered on precise measurement.
Many biological species that keep on originating …..We discover it but how He plays with biological productions. He keep on introducing organisms.
When a virus is cultured He introduces its antidote. We only discover it. The way Penicillin was discovered by A.Fleming.
This world is just a Game by the operation of God that waits just a commanded to get into action leading to any accomplishment.
God does not want to give birth his enemies He want to preserve his throne but fools like humans reproduce their enemies that fight for power with themselves and want spouses that govern them …God is pure from such wants
That’s why God is The King The Nurturing of Universe That’s How my God perception is in me Lord of Day of judgement
Let me tell you how this concept developed in me….soaring temperature just lead me to perceive in this way. I know the way I perceive this world it’s unique and I am only one to think this way.

I believe I am not in cognitive Bias…but it’s just a school of thought. Hypothetically presented.
The Time People boycotted me I acquired knowledge and education all of my own ..i learned E commerce and By making knowledge my immunity …I firmly grappled knowledge created by God….I also immunized myself from social restrictions to great extent….

I am no more that much foolish to destroy my life forever or eternal life for a life where my soul can leave this body anytime

Although my senses are weak but my eternal or forever life is secured and evidences are captured in Cameras….The controlled in rainfall is solution to Global warming but climate change is still unto God.  The Global warming is showing Dooms Day is not far away So all that we are required to do is to expiate before God as HE is Almighty And its a lesson for all those that are fighting against God that God is persecuting humanity now ..

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