Churches “essential services?”

Sounds like an admission that religion, at least the Talibangelist cult supporting Trump, are businesses, depending on revenue to keep private jets fueled and multi-million dollar mansions stocked with fine foods and spirits.

Trump is about as religious as a picture of a corn dog.

This is all about pandering to the violent, hateful Christian extremists propping this up serial lying, corrupt dictator.

Trump is panicking. He should be, because he is deranged, syphilis afflicted, and paranoid. He is a murdering coward and knows that once he is removed from office he is going to prison.

Fine, open up the churches.

I’ve heard it said that Trump is trying to send a message to his crazies by not wearing a mask that it is a freedom issue, and he is trying to appear all Billy bad Ass, trying to provoke and incite violence from his brainwashed lemmings, but I can guarantee you that if we were to be hit with a chemical bomb this soft bellied, biscuit gut coward would not come out in public for all the Big Macs and Diet coke on the planet.


4 thoughts on “Churches “essential services?””

  1. Not wearing a mask is a lack of concern for one’s human neighbors, pure and simple, we both know that. What a person is saying when they say their “freedom” requires them the right to not wear a mask, is that their freedom is more important that other people’s livesl

    However, some people are that callous and we just have to try and avoid them at all costs. As for the religion and the “essential ness” of it, belief is something that isn’t lost because of safety issues. Attendance in huge crowds does not a religion make. It is funny to me how some people confuse the two. Religion, esp the ones you speak of have gone from being abused, and/or to being, rich, cruel land spoiled.

    And yes, I agree, many if not most of them should pay taxes on their vast wealth.

    1. We Already know that Trump, and the people supporting him do not care anything about anyone else. It’s all about them. EVERYTHING is about them.

      1. Ignore comments like the reference to “hugging” and realize that is just more of the childish and infantile trolling that Trump supporters think is so cutesy and are so fond of, thinking it is in some way an “owning” of Liberals.

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