Cherished Ones

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To the precious ones of whom my heart so cherishes. How I yearn to be counted as one you behold as priceless, and purely loved without shadow of turning, unconsumed by expectations laid out by ideas that have accompanied, during the journey thus far. As those whose input influence the outlook of your perception, to your inner thoughts adding perspectives, yielding your ever changing views, or opinions, of how things are, or ought to appear. Appearance is only the cover for that present moment. Yet ever so much more than before does the saying, “don’t judge a book by its cover”, ring so true. To my understanding, each one has with it a deeply intricate, inner woven web, so complex, each detail minutely make up the depth of the individual to the very core. Why ourselves within or on the outside looking in are unaware of the true rhyme or reason for the path, paths, trials, swamps, cliffs, or slopes… continues on, repeatedly, or just stranded, and stagnat. Whatever, or whichever it may be, this journey a lesson for some, to gain. If I could be brave, my eyes will be wide open, seeking out the truth, to behold for the next step….the desire to be right within, as well as without, wishing only to capture that which is to gain,  along with it comes ideas, expectations, approval, disapproval, of those who Ive deemed worthy to decide weather Im on it! (sort of speak), or missing the mark…..

How so, are we to remain whole within as to continue endeavoring on undivided by the placement of whats what? At the same, discovering the real, of the whom and the why of my existance, without the essence of being, becoming displaced by scattered means to which is preference given to trudge true. When in the midst at a crossroad here lies a choice looking back at these will cause a cringe, dismissal, or hopefully serenity. Either way its a wrap, no re~dos. I being my own most hard taskmaster can spend time in this realm with regrets and perhaps self loathing but to no fruition.

How can one balance the push and the pull we have packed thus far? Which to consider? The weight at times and for some can be too much to bear, Then in lies   collapse……why bother, throw in the towel! I must heed to the know the task each one carries, being of such precise detail to every nook and cranny, of what makes up each and every most perfectly, intricate, deeply, passionate, unique individual, person, & soul. All wrapped up seemingly so ordinary, and simple, just another of many. Yet oh so not simplistic, no, no, actually an entire eco system. A world with its custom agenda, unlike any other, functioning, or malfunctioning, according to whom it may concern, to continue on in however our season is playing out at present, for the moment.

We are extravagant, acutely amazing human beings, we are each making up a part of the whole, of this universe, with more to ourselves than comprehensible, a state of unknowingkst……A place, yet recognized of, awe….struck…….

Written by, Dove

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