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CBS, along with ABC, NBC, CNN etc., super liberal news media with like employees controlled by the socialist/communist left, democrats like the Nazi, communist Soviet Union did their so called news media plants a liberal left Trump hater, Biden lover in their news interviews.

The liberal left news media again makes it obvious that they are not above censorship, selective news reporting, manipulating fact and attempts to manipulate what people think, believe and react to by putting a plant interviewer in their broadcast during a Trump gathering who tells a republican candidate running for president that he is “a coward, how could he stand up to China, Russia etc., when he is afraid to stand up to Trump”. Really?, Loser Biden sold out this country to Russia, China, N. Korea. The liberals and democrats destroyed our Military, our intelligence agencies over the last several decades. Defunded them essentially while creating loser entitled to programs for the losers in this country who vote for them, who else would, making them bigger losers. China, Russia, N. Korea, Iran all think of Biden and the democrats as a joke to be toyed with. Trump is the only one who has and will stand up to them and create a military we need, not on that is politically correct full of losers and misfits.

This loser the media planted in the crowd I guess was suppose to intimidate republican candidates so they would bad mouth Trump and sale him out. Anyone of them does they can forget even getting in the running. We need more Trumps not fewer.

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