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maybe it’s the lack of sleep

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Sometimes it feels like my soul is sinking so far down, there’s never going to be a way back up. What makes it worse is I know I only have myself to blame. I don’t know how far back I lost myself. Maybe it was after he died. Maybe it was after finally ending another awful relationship after three years. Maybe it was staying in it after being cheated on… Read More »maybe it’s the lack of sleep

Table Top Diorama

From a time long ago To castle and king The rule of the sword A dangerous thing Many a head fell For a righteous claim To sit upon a throne Their ultimate aim.

Imaginary World

A world within a book A wonderous story Lost in a fantasy Of hope and glory Heroes and villians To turn another page I ride along with them As the battles rage All hail the King Victorious once again Sacrifice has been given Forever may he reign.

The Balance of Restoration

She came with a mist Descended from a star A white wolf companion Both champions from afar None could resist them Great power they did bring Sweeping across a troubled land Shining light on everything.

City in the Sky

As above, then so below Not so true right now In height I find the solace That only a dream will allow I know I am not alone As I watch the clouds go by It’s so safe and serene up here In my imaginary city in the sky

With you,

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With you, under the sun I’d put your hand up to my face And let you feel the way my cheeks heat up just like the burning sun When you put your strong arms on my back And embrace me so tightly I begin to imagine. With you, under the night sky I’d count all the shining stars I see And tell you that you shine so bright Even brighter… Read More »With you,

Pumpkin End

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With my feathered and furry friendsI have travelled many a roadwe seek an elder residentin the land of Forestrode.Our legs are spent and tiredno time for rest or mendour efforts have all been worth itwe have come to Pumpkin End.

Pop Up!

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A vision in a dreamA better place to beAway from all the humdrumA desire for the sea.My mind makes it realI only need to lookI see it there before meA picture in a book.

Hoarding Social Justice

People in power hoard social justice like gold like there’s a finite supply, as if I must go without for you to have any.   There is power in withholding justice the power of fear; it stunts us and divides us, a wedge pushing us farther apart, further from understanding.   But there is power, too, in love; love that would sacrifice and go without to lift another.   What… Read More »Hoarding Social Justice