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I’m Back…

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It’s a bittersweet goodbye to the old I blogged with in my late teens. I’ve returned after thinking this site was gone forever. All my past posts are gone. My old account vanished without giving me a chance to save anything. I remember the words I wrote. The much needed escape from the real world. Yet I’m back. I’m better now. Older. Wiser. More confident in my words. I… Read More »I’m Back…

Symptoms And Effective Solutions Of Magnesium Deficiency

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Introduction: Magnesium is a mineral that must be consumed daily. Each cell within your body has it. It is essential for numerous bodily processes, including the production of proteins, the operation of muscles and nerves, the conversion of food into energy, and metabolism. Magnesium citrate vs glycinate both are the most popular types of magnesium supplements, and each has special advantages. Symptoms And Signs Of Magnesium Deficiency: Following are the… Read More »Symptoms And Effective Solutions Of Magnesium Deficiency

Introduction: Creating a Platform that Individuals Can Relate and Feel We ALL Have a Voice! ❤️

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Hello all, thank you for taking the time to read my blog. I’m sure to hit on a lot of relatable topics & I also like to keep things fun & sometimes animated. Meaning, sometimes we just need to say F all the haters.  My main goal is to build a platform where individuals can relate & feel they have a voice. Disclaimer: This is not a self-help blog. But… Read More »Introduction: Creating a Platform that Individuals Can Relate and Feel We ALL Have a Voice! ❤️

it’s just a prank 😶

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Hm… so it was a relationship of 3 years (perfect,smooth and lovely). I’m very lucky to have her in my life. Let me share an incident 😁 it’s funny /cute and my favorite incident.Amm… we meet in the near coffee shop and she suddenly said that she want to break up and I was shocked as she want it.Then after a quite long eye contact I said ok and she… Read More »it’s just a prank 😶


Will I ever be free? I have asked myself that question so many times. Do you ever just feel like you are tired of being so well-behaved? As a child, I was always that kid who picked up all their toys after playing without being asked to, who did their homework in time, ate all their vegetables (even though I hated them and still do), and always did what I… Read More »Freedom

List 5 Most Popular and In-Demand Disposable Vapes of 2023

In latest years, disposable vapes have grown to be more and more famous among vapers searching for a handy and effortless vaping experience. These gadgets are compact, effortless to use, and require no protection or refillable cartridges. Instead, customers absolutely dispose of the system when the e-liquid runs out, making them a handy choice for on-the-go vaping. As we enter 2023, the market for vapes is more excellent and numerous… Read More »List 5 Most Popular and In-Demand Disposable Vapes of 2023

one day I’ll figure it out

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I have put such a high guard up on my heart & soul with everything and I think that’s what’s been destroying me. I have become so cold and jaded, and the recognition of it has been heavy lately. This time of year fucks me up. It forces me to become still and overthink my life away. My passion for travel has died down so much since coming back from… Read More »one day I’ll figure it out

And that is what it always leads back to.

It almost feels disgusting, getting your shit together and actually noticing a difference. My head seems to be a little more clear. I’ve always been the person to support not working your life away, and going & doing what you loved. And it’s not that I’m working my life away, but my heart & soul are about to be focused on something I never thought was possible. My job. I’ve… Read More »And that is what it always leads back to.

it crosses my mind time to time

It’s been a little while since you’ve visited my dreams. I’m not really sure what happened that day. I was in the shower one minute, then I was researching where your grave was, and next thing I knew, there I was on the way to the cemetery. It had been four years; I had accepted what happened, and all that came along with it. I always knew how this one… Read More »it crosses my mind time to time