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The Vigil

Luce stood at the ancient observation arch, a vantage point enabling the observer to look far out across the valley which stretched on for miles below. The early morning cold bit cruelly on her face, and there was no breeze to drive away the lingering mist hanging heavy over the land. On mornings like these Luce felt more than grateful for her heavy, long sleeved dress keeping her body warm… Read More »The Vigil

Inner Dialogue 4

Inspired by the anticipation of self discovery, Emily bounced light-footed down the chamber in search of the section she sought, her steps almost became a dance as she swept from one side to the other getting ever closer to her own identity. An excitement began to bubble up inside her as she pondered on who she really was, and about her place in this written world of make-believe. She thought… Read More »Inner Dialogue 4

Inner Dialogue 3

Emboldened by the bestowal of a name by the author, the woman in red – henceforth to be rightfully addressed as Emily, passed gracefully through the threshold of the doorway into what she had been told was a hall of records, a library. On entering she became swallowed up in golden light which bounced of everything in a frenzy of dancing reflections. The entrance lobby, apart from the fact that… Read More »Inner Dialogue 3

Inner Dialogue 2

From inside a swirling vortex, a thousand cascading images succumbed to gravity and fell away like someone disturbing the base of a house of cards. At the end of the vortex tunnel a circle of light appeared getting ever closer as if driven by an invisible force – a force impelling it at a colossal speed. A consciousness, a witness, an observer responsible for these events grew in confidence and… Read More »Inner Dialogue 2

Inner Dialogue

With a puzzled glance at the city entrance, the unnamed woman in red stopped in her tracks. She viewed the brooding sky with some trepidaton and felt reluctant to go any further. A strange ripple-like pattern appeared at the gate which she naturally assumed was not a natural phenomenon and was like nothing she had ever seen before. After several surreal thoughts took shape in her mind, she then gave… Read More »Inner Dialogue

Table Top Diorama

From a time long ago To castle and king The rule of the sword A dangerous thing Many a head fell For a righteous claim To sit upon a throne Their ultimate aim.

Brandall’s Sugary Treat

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It wasn’t that long ago when Andrea, after setting out to the town of TrickleTreacle with her prize strawberry, found herself stranded in the middle of nowhere during a storm and in need of help. She had sent her Magic Butterflies on a mission to fetch Brandall the bear. A short while later Brandall answered Andrea’s call for aid – he had better things to do such as protecting his… Read More »Brandall’s Sugary Treat