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My son sent me pictures the other day of a dead rattle snake our pool guy found in our pool filter.

Thank goodness it was dead. Thank goodness I wasn’t home swimming when he decided to take a dip. Thank goodness no one was hurt.

Rattle Snakes just come with the territory. We have neighbors who found them in their houses…in their pools…in their gardens. I had a baby Rattle Snake crawl out of my air vent in my car YEARS ago.

I think I am going to get a dog when I get home.

Rattle Snake in Pool Filter

Rattle Snake

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  1. @monica-2 Yikes sadly rattlesnakes have killed dogs because they don’t know to stay back and get bit. Luckily where I live we just have gardener snakes. Fred has grabbed one and thrashed it the innards ended up on my shirt and glasses … ach!

    1. @peacefulthinking

      We have had a few dogs get bit while I was growing up.
      Luckily they all lived to tell the tale.
      They were mountain dogs. Dogs raised out in the wilderness seem to have a little extra toughness about them.
      I actually have been debating on getting a dog or another cat. And not just because of the snake warning system that comes with them. But because I think I will be ready for another pet when I get home.

      Innards? :::shivers:::
      You are lucky to only have gardener snakes.

      When my cousins were little they had a dog named Skala. That was almost 40 years ago. They use to go for walks out in the San Diego mountains. Thats where they lived. And one day while they were walking…..Skala jumped over their heads and landed right in front of a rattle snake on the path. He grabbed it in his teeth and tossed it. They still tell that story to this day. It was like in a movie they said.
      Skala was a legend. He lived to be over 20 years old.

  2. hello monica
    not sad, but see what changes have occurred over the last few years. cities are a certain kind of economic, money related structure. working from home and could be anywhere, not city. big money finds a city. is what i was implying. towers like trump tower house people greater than how i see myself. try not to say everything i say is directly traceable back to me. i do look down upon the street and walk upon them as often as i can. what is there, including me, is written and has a place in my blogs. have a good day. not sad.

    1. @stonehead
      Glad you are not sad.
      I understand it now.
      I agree…..with the big money and cities.
      A complete opposite of these small towns in the midwest.
      But in a way….big money has found these farmers

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