Boris said…

I don’t really remember what Boris said…but my son called me yesterday from England to discuss the protestors in America. And during the conversation he says…”Boris said”….and I started cracking up. Just to hear my son in another country talk about their leader just hit me a certain way and cracked me up. I always said I truly enjoy conversation and debate with my sons. They grew up intelligent young men with the greatest sense of humor.

One of my sons has been chatting with a girl in England for a few years and the online friendship took a turn to possible romance. So of course they made these plans before Covid came to town…I tried to convince him to wait a few more months but she was pushing him to fly out. My son knew he could easily turn around and come home… he flew out a few months ago when all this lockdown started and so far….it’s all good.

I know this isn’t really an important post….but I wanted to add some lightheartedness to this wonderful “one love” site.


The picture is of my son I am referring. My sons are very strict about using their pictures online….they don’t want their images used. But his face isn’t showing so all is good. His hair used to go down to his butt but he had it cut before this picture. This was taken in the fall I think…we were down in Coronado and he asked to stop at the water. He knows I love to put my feet in the water even if just for a minute. So he rolled his jeans up and he stood in the water…and I think he is texting the girl in question. Ha! I miss my baby boy.