Book Review: The Necessary Beggar (at the top of the list of preferred books)

The Necessary Beggar

Here is my review for what I consider one of the best books I have read in a long time.  I gave it a 5 out of 5, which is very rare for me.  I usually give 3 or 4, only occasionally giving a 2 if I really think the book is fairly awful.  I don’t even remember when I last gave a 5.  By the way, I read it at one sitting…and it was over 300 pages long. (well, in the restaurant, in the car but in a continuous stream of grabbing it andreading, driving from the restaurant to a mall parking and grabbing it again and returning to reading..LOL)


Ok, I marked this novel as religious, because it has religious/spiritual overtones.  Now that is MY interpretation of the content of the book and mine along, don’t let that scare you off.  I have a pretty wide view of religion and spirituality.  It can be viewed as a straightforward science fiction novel about a family that, after one of their members is involved in a crime, is exiled from their dimension and sent to …well, you will never guess but 2011 United States outside Reno Nevada in a refugee camp.

I had to read when this book was written to convince myself it wasn’t really later than it actually was, it was written in 2005.  The life of refugees was fraught with all sorts of hardship, including people who were adamant that they shouldn’t be in the United States at all; some even being willing to use bombs to get rid of them.

As you see, I loved this book, because, as I said above, for me it touched on religious or at least spiritual questions.  There were devout Christians including a woman willing to violate “the rules” and by doing so put herself on the line.

It also spoke, for me, of the intersection of two religious systems and the problems of how two, separate but very divergent belief systems can intersect and whether the individuals involved in the separate groups can come together and be at peace.  Often complicated by wildly different, almost opposite, beliefs.

I see it as a marvelous science fiction novel but asking and giving one possible answer to a myriad of questions about how human beings should, or at least could deal with each other.  There is no doubt in my mind that if other life forms (humanoid or not) are found out in the universe, we are going to have to deal with that issue somehow.  We might as well start asking the questions now when it is just us human beings.

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  1. I will add this to my list. If its on Audible I will add it to my library and will get to it eventually cause I have so many books in my Audible library at the moment. BUT….I do get to them ๐Ÿ˜‰

    1. I have no idea about audible. I have found myself unable to listen to a book. I find my mind leaves and goes elsewhere and then “wake up” and don’t remember anything that I heard. I will hope for your sake, it is, though.

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