Blogging Tips for WordPress Image Blocks.

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Actually, you can build so much more than web pages. You can go as far as your imagination allows with images, videos and more.

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Using WordPress Image Blocks

Its a good blogging policy to add a featured image for each page you create. You can do this by selection the “Document” tab on the right side panel of your text editor. Scroll down past Categories and Tags until you see “Featured Image” and click on the drop down arrow to set a feature image in WordPress.

For example, lets say this was a good amount information and the readers eye is ready for a break.

One thing you can do is add an image into the post that will create a natural break up of the readers eye and focus for a moment and present them with an enjoyable images that’s pleasing on the eyes. You can set the image to “full width” and it will the fill entire space like this one bellow.

It looks even better on the right WordPress theme which allows full browser width images.

Thoughts Blogging - Tips for WordPress Blocks
You can write an image caption down here below your image describing the photo to your blogging audience and to the search engines.

Using Image Alt Text {alternative text} in all of your images.

Its best to use image alt text for every image that you upload. It looks like this in html code image alt=”Topics and descriptive words” and is the best practice for your image alt text policy standards if you want to build performant pages and web applications.

Use Keywords in your Image Names

Just like you want to use image alt text to describe the image, you want to include keywords on topic and descriptive of the images your hosting.

When you name your images be sure you use hyphens – between keywords. You don’t want to use underscores and you dont want to name it onelongfilename.jpg either. The better format in that case would be one-lone-file-name.jpg.

Image Gallery Blocks in WordPress

WordPress blocks have a variety of image gallery blocks you can use for creating art galleries or travel blogging photo galleries. You can choose WP blocks to upload images to your personal blog or use embed blocks in WordPress to create Instagram galleries, Facebook galleries, Google galleries, iCloud galleries, etc.

To build performant web pages, websites and web apps that Google will love and reward you for apply these blogging tips when adding images with WordPress blocks.

There’s so much more to do with the WordPress blogging platform integrated with the community.

I’m signing off for now. Until next time.

1 thought on “Blogging Tips for WordPress Image Blocks.”

  1. Information about the host platform is always helpful so thanks for posting this.

    On a personal note: I struggle like heck getting to grips with new blogging software, it’s changed so much in the last 10 years or so. I’m fine with posting text and images (finally), but all the other available functions I instinctively shy away from simply because I am totally ignorant of what they are and what they’re supposed to do.

    Yoast? amp? gravatar? jetpack? These things will be useful to someone I’m sure, but in my little blogging corner I am sure I will never find a use for these things I don’t understand – let alone use. I can get my head around the blocks system and how they work, and at the end of the day that’s all I need to understand.

    I’m just so glad that Ben decided to re-invent Thoughts and bring it back online, and being still able to post and comment as normal is a bonus
    Right. . .I shall now go away and consult my online terminology dictionary and try to educate myself a bit more.

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