Life Has A Funny Way Of Working Out…


Good Morning

My first cup of coffee is sitting on my right as I scan through the morning news I am disheartened by the weather reports Irma is gaining strength worst than Harvey. Another sad note it has been reported that in Houston it’s every man for himself the evil has crawled out from beneath rocks rising up to create mayhem.

I know the media wants us to believe that the country is divided in half, I do not believe that is true. I have friends who are Democrats not necessarily liberal they are fed up with the hateful rhetoric. I am hoping there will be a drastic shift next election including the Republican side. Hey, I live in Michigan and Kid Rock has put his hat in the ring who knows what will come next right?

I don’t usually do political posts but it just seems the narrative these days resemble the Hurricanes trying to wipe out this nation. It is time to simply love thy neighbor. It doesn’t say like, but respect them as you respect yourself.

I will leave you with this:

Joy comes in the morning

after love the night before

Sweet eyes


Hey Thinkr Admins! Big glitch spotted, I think

So… I just encountered something odd that I hope I misinterpreting the severity of.

WalkingonSunshine commented on my last post and I found something disturbing. There was an option that allowed me to edit WalkingonSunshine’s post? It seems like something that could be a very big problem. If any administrator is reading this ya might want to take care of that ASAP!

Also on a much less problematic, largely nitpick,  note, I saw no alert or notification that I had a response on the site itself though I did get one by email.

Might seem petty but I guess I thought I would try to get ahead of anything that could be a potential glitch or something in need of improvement considering the magnitude of the glitch that I just mentioned.

I mean, I certainly hope it’s a glitch! People editing other people’s comments just really seems to take away the integrity of said comment if it’s something that’s meant to be done. I can’t imagine it was something intended…

Looking good Thoughts

Glad to see you up and running. Here we go people

Morning sky

My first blog was on it is nice to be back. I am somewhat familiar with WordPress being that I have a WordPress Blog. This is just a quick hello I will play around a little as I get familiar with the site.

Strange Land

So… I won’t say this place is like learning a new language but… It’s kind of like learning a new language. Yeah, I got nothing.

I can’t say I understand why when I sign up it says username and real name,  I think,  and then it shows my real name until I change it to my username. So I couldn’t log in for a little while. I wasn’t able to login either way but I alternatively had to do it with my email instead of my username because my username turned out to be my real name!

So early on that’s what this site kind of seems to be like. It’s simple if you actually understand what’s going on but there’s little things about its structure that seem to be somewhat confusing. Not terribly confusing as I’ve seen a lot worse and I’m sure this site will get better (hopefully) since it’s just getting started.

I guess you could say so far the site wasn’t born broken but…  mildly glitchy? At least it’s prettier than what Thoughts was. That weird sky blue hurt my eyes a lot. I always felt it looked nicer when it started with that home style light brown color. I wouldn’t call this a return to that but it does seem to be a return to a lot of simplicity that Thoughts kind of moved away from.

I always thought Thoughts was so successful at first,  if it actually was I didn’t count the numbers, because of its simplicity. Not because it was attempting to be competitive or emulate other things people were doing. It’s because it was its own place. There’s a difference between fixing problems, improving something that works, and trying to fix something that isn’t broken.

And again in all fairness I don’t know the creator or creators of Thoughts and their motivations or the numbers behind its development and modifications. I’m only going off of things I’ve heard from other members and anecdotal evidence. But the impression I got was that Thoughts was taken in a direction that made it into something that the people who blog there and loved it did so because it was structured in a way, at first, the differentiated it from other blogging sites.

People tend to gravitate towards what is preferential to them and usually require something unique because it’s unique to them. However that uniqueness faded somewhat when Thoughts attempted to implement things that didn’t really seem to have much point. And created a visual style that, oh geez I feel like I’m Gordon Ramsay in an episode of Hotel Hell or Kitchen Nightmares, it just wasn’t appealing. It wasn’t attractive. I mean I liked the bubbly thoughts font for the banner but the color scheme made it seem more like something meant for kids. Not really something for the whole family or for writers.

Granted, I know every writer is different we’re not some kind of culture with with universal traits aside from the fact we all write.    But when it comes to being inviting and attractive there are colors, structures, shapes, and tones that work better than others for the general population. That’s a large part of what marketing is about. You sell your product and you have to maintain your product that you’re selling. If the quality of the product or it’s ability to attract buyers goes down the new people won’t come in and the people that were there could very well leave.

The glitches that Thoughts acquired during the big change were are massive issue, I get that. But one should not underestimate the importance of making your site attractive to as many people as possible to bring them in and keep them around. A lot of people, for example, blog and just write in general as a stress reliever. So why would they want to go to a site that visually isn’t very appealing?

So far this site doesn’t look bad. I won’t say it looks good but it’s still in its infancy so there’s no real point in judging it in one direction or the other.

Right now I think it just needs to be clear about how to make it function. Perhaps a tutorial section wouldn’t hurt. I’ve seen another bloggers to already on here asking, “how do I post a blog?”

If somebody has to ask that about a blog page that I think there might be something a little wrong. Or just something that needs to be added to show them.

I’ll be keeping my eye on this place. Hopefully the majority of people on Thoughts will come here. I mean if it’s going to disappear anyway I should certainly hope so


And you can tell everybody this is your song.

The mass is guided easily, for example one says, this site and that site are bad and have no privacy, the other one replies, yes, yes, and also don’t know how to write a blog, it’s so difficult to navigate through it, and then all the rest come and just accept it as it is, without own thoughts that are based on reality. So let’s help some, if you want to make a blog entry here, just go up where the W and the home button and the Thinkr is and you will see a +, press upon it and there you have it, New Post…so simple, as for the privacy issue, do you go out in reality totally covered and only eyes are visible and your home is between walls that no one can see it and your car is invisible and your life is just ghostly?

Come on, you can’t be serious about privacy on Net, now really, are there still people out there that use the Net that still think that privacy is an issue when  you blog?, what are you going to blog about and you are so concerned?, how to make a working missile for Kim? LOL!.

Also just go up there and see by yourself…it’s not a secure connection, neither in thoughts com was a secure connection, if by any chance you fell to the stalker that will want to stalk you, it can be done with the same ease as in thoughts but at least here, WordPress has the tools to find him if it goes out of hand the situation.

Either way, just enjoy life and don’t waste it with things that don’t matter, believe me, no one is out to get you, no one even knows that you exist other than a nickname on Net, the resources the time the money and the effort from all angles for someone to stalk you, belong to only conspiracy theories, so just enjoy what you got and what is given to you without something in return, because believe it or not, some people do care about others, about bringing people together and giving some life to this cold place that is called Net.

The Hawkman has landed


I am become death, the destroyer of worlds, g. The Hawkman cometh, and I’m bringing hell with me.

I often say exactly who I am when I join new sites with the same people, yet somehow people usually remain oblivious for a long time before realizing it is me. This time, you’ll have to figure it out for yourselves.

Things will be different this time however. Just as the old site dies, much of my past is dying with it.

Journal – August 30, 2017

It is not a bad day. It started out with a headache of course but some advil and caffeine combined took care of it for the most part. It’s kind of in there but it’s rather mild compared to the killer headaches I’ve been getting every single day for over a week now.

The depression is light enough to ignore. It isn’t sapping my strength or my will power. It doesn’t bring on tears. It’s just sort of a sadness deep inside. No real reason for it. It just is what it is.

I went and got the oil changed in the car this morning. Now I have Tally and Miah while my wife and Tianna run to the store to get a birthday cake for Dale for tonight. Tally is asleep and Miah is watching cartoons so they both are being good. Thank God. Combined they are often more than a handful.

The beast is quiescent for a change. Did not see any shadow people last night. Probably because when I went to bed I had another killer headache and took a handful of Advil PM.

I slept most of the night through, only waking once and quickly falling back asleep. That was a relief. Lately when I wake up at night I have a killer headache and cannot get back to sleep but last night was different. Thank the good Lord for small blessings.

I have yard work to do today. They came and picked up all of the branches I put out last week. Now it’s time to put more out then rake up the area. It would be nice if the boys helped me but that is a pipe dream. It is their home but they do not do anything unless they get paid for it except mow the lawn. I’ll be damned if they’ll get one red cent from me. I will do it all myself. I have vowed to get that back yard cleaned up and cleaned up it will be. So help me.

There is no better day than this one to get it done. With the depression in retreat and the sun shining it is a good day to be outside working. I will still pace myself. It doesn’t need to be done in a single day. Besides I don’t wish to make too big a pile of branches out front on the curb.

Well be good people. Stay strong. Always face the world with a smile and never refuse a hug. Try for at least one good laugh per day. There is real life changing magic in smiles and hugs and laughter.