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I see other people posting comments but alas, I am unable to.

What is going on?


A Day In The Life Introduction

In an attempt to make my life seem interesting and not a massive void that it actually is in reality I have decided to start a series of blogs titled ‘A Day In The Life’, so in lieu of an actual active and interesting life I thought that possibly making up some bullshit stories will suffice. I’m not sure how it’s going to turn out or if anyone would give a shit.

They will be mostly fanciful, occasionally topical or satirical, maybe funny and humourous and generally not to be taken seriously or in earnest.

Once I have some actual ideas of what to write I’ll begin this ill-conceived blog idea.

Names (including my own) and places will be changed when based on actual events in my life to protect the innocent (and the guilty).

Welcome Back Indeed

Hello Ben!

Amid this nostalgic blast from the past – which I’m happy to see, I have encountered issues.

I have tried to leave comments, but they don’t post.

I have tried ‘liking’ posts, but I get a pop-up screen inviting me to join wordpress. I thought that by having an account I was already a recognised user? I don’t understand it.

Teething problems I’m sure, but in the meantime, welcome back.

My Vegan Life

Hi everyone!

Welcome to my blog! I’m a 21 year old vegan girl from the UK. I’ve been vegan for over three years and I love sharing my tips, experiences, recipes and more via this blog.

Thanks for being here, have a look around!

My first post from

Free WordPress Blog Hosting

How do you like the WordPress featured image of a design from 2012. Going 8 years back on that one. is full of interesting stories and we organize them by topic and tag so you can search and find the information or product you need.

This is different that blogging on my domain which is what I’m used to. I kind of like it.

I’d gotten so use to Elementor web page builder WordPress plugin recently. Before that I had to get used to the new WordPress blocks system before that. I don’t know why I don’t see the new blocks here on It feels easier to blog.

Maybe that’s the point huh?


Bloggers I’ve got amazing news. After a taking a 5 year break I’m bringing the blogging community back to life. This time, its powered by WordPress and is here to stay, forever!

Joining thoughts takes a minute and you can set up a free blog to share your thoughts.

Think positive thoughts each day with your daily thoughts meditations and your life will be colorful and filled with splendor.

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Hello Thoughts!

Hello everyone and welcome to Or welcome back!

I first started this website in 2007 as one of the web’s early social networking sites. Blogging has always been at the heart of the thoughts community so its only natural that it come back to life with all the new amazing WordPress technology we have today.

Hope to see some old faces and meet some new ones too!

Thanks for stopping 🙂


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Passing Time

I hope everyone is being safe and staying home. What are you all doing to pass the time? Are all of you home or are some of you still working?

I pretty much rearranged my kitchen. I took a week to do it because I was trying to spread it out to occupy my time. I hit half of my garage already and half of my closet. Mind you…they were in pretty good condition before…..but I need to fill this time so I am rearranging , reorganizing, and this and that. I still had my house keeper show up because well….I don’t want to scrub the other toilets. Ha! And I know she still needs income. Since the house was clean she took time to scrub upholstery.

My hair is another story. My grays are singing out loud. Before this lock down got crazy I had an appointment with my hair stylist which I canceled for a few reasons. My shoulder was bothering me and the pain went up my neck. Also….as much as I enjoy my hair stylist I wanted to find a new one. So the shoulder pain kind of helped me take the first step in leaving my guy. Mind you….I have been with Al for over 2 years. I ran into his shop by pure luck at the time. He only had 2 chairs…which I LOVED because I don’t like crowds and don’t like hearing all the salon chatter. He was located a few doors down from my Witch friends business so it wouldn’t be a reach for me to drive to. He was higher end…..double of what I was paying my other hair dresser I was leaving. But when I walked into his cute shop…..turned out he knew me. We apparently went to the same high school. HOW FUNNY IS THAT? He remembered me and my sister and brother. I felt horrible because I couldn’t place him. But knowing we grew up in the same area….knew some of the same people I felt we were destined. But lately….he has expanded his business and was taking on mentees and I felt he was outgrowing me and my simple needs. WHICH is good for him….because this has been his dream. But I am still stuck in the WANT for a small, 2 or 1 chair salon. I think working in the casino world all these years has permanently turned me off to crowds. Anyhow… search was on for a new hairstylist when this Corona business went seriously down so now… grays are very noticeable. I could order my own color and do them myself….but with my shoulder still aching I for some odd reason am ok with the greys. I actually mentioned to my sons….this may be the sign I need to just let them grow and really be natural. But my youngest looked at me with a serious look and said… Ha! I have been wanting to try purple hair….so I might play around with color. Why not….where am I going

Buck up America! We will get through this epidemic despite TRUMP!

Just listen to and follow the health expert directives.  Believe that the science and health professionals and workers will get us through this.

I guess I will have to take my share of blame for what we have become such a society  —  We have become a society of self-fulfillment, autonomy, and privacy as ideals.  While I was born pre boomer era, I was raised during it and probably spoiled my kids as well.

And these habits do not bode well for the present situation. The cases of the virus grow everyday.  And what does the Trump administration do?  Make promises.  If Trump would have listened to his intelligence department warnings of the virus in January and February and acted then as he is now since March 1, we would be much better off.

Thanks to Chip Bok Copyright 2020 Creators Syndicate for an accurate report card.

And please keep this in the back of your mind – it could still happen here!

“People may think of authoritarian nations in cold war terms, as states with bombastic leaders who grant themselves extravagant titles and weigh their chests with meaningless medals. These are nations without legistures, without courts, with populations cowed by armies of secret police. This is not how many authoritarian nations work today. Most have elections, legislatures, courts; they possess all the trappings of democracy. But the democratic institutions that authoritarian nations retain have little power to check the executive, either because they are under regime control or because they are cowed or co-opted into submission.”  — Adam Serwer

Have a nice day – at home and alone.