Positive Thoughts Group

I think having a group for positive thoughts is a good idea if we are to keep groups.

What do you think?

Do you use the groups features on social networks in general?

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Well, it has been a long time since I have been in thoughts, and tonight just decided to google thoughts blogs to see what came up. To my surprise, I found it had been revived. I am looking forward to writing, catching up with friends, and hopefully making some new ones.

For those who don’t know me, I am Jenn. I am back at teaching at a small Christian school. I teach 3rd /4th ELA and 2nd -7th Social Studies. We have been out of school since the beginning of March for Spring break and covid-19. We won’t be back until May, if we go back then. Until then, I am teaching my classes online —sort of.

With my newfound gift of not being able to leave the house, I am trying to learn to play the guitar and working on finishing up a quilt for a former student of mine.

Well, look forward to talking with you all. See you later.


Hello Again It’s Me!

I have to admit that I was a little more than surprised when I saw that Ben had decided to reformat and revive Thoughts. I’d first believed it was a bad idea, but the more I thought about it, the more the idea grew on me as a good thing.

I’ve met a great many bloggers over the years, many of them I met here. This was, after all, the first social media blogging site I ever joined. I joined it on the intent of promoting products, since I was trying my hand as an affiliate marketer.

I made my first post, and about 5 minutes later I received an email from ben, he told me I was welcome to continue at Thoughts, but the post I made was considered spam, and would have to come down!

Well, I didn’t have a problem with that, so I took it down.I’d always enjoyed writing, and decided to stick around. I made some great friends, and the very first good friend I made on thoughts was a gentleman whose screen name was Rubert. A great man, miss old Rupert!

Many of those I met her those many years ago, I’ve come across several on other sites. The sad thing about it is all those sites never had the same feel as the original Thoughts had.

I guess I can consider myself a newbie Again!

newbie Blogger

Thoughts was a special place, and Bens vision or philosophy of One Love was what made it that way. Yup, I’ve never came across anther site quite like the original Thoughts.

I do most of my posting on my own personal site now, I don’t get a lot of traffic, I’d say my traffic is what we’d consider slim to none, but I enjoy writing, it’s my own site, and I can write and say what I like, so at least that’s a plus. If you’d like to stop in and say Hi! sometime, my door is always open at: Skip Online Now!

Since we are all hunkered down because of a global pandemic, I would think that many people are considering taking up some sort of hobby. I’d considered basket weaving, but changed my mind.

I then considered cooking, but there were too many fires. I’m kidding, I’m an excellent cook, but you just can’t keep making food continuously. So at the moment, I’m looking into ways to be creative with toilet paper. I figure when this is all over, all those hoarders who have been continuously stock piling toilet paper will be looking for ways to make some use of it, besides the obvious use, of course.

So, my obvious choice to keep busy is writing/blogging. I write at a few places besides my own blog. Hubpages.com is something some of you reading might consider, besides being a platform to see your blog posts online, they have a system set up that you can create a small income from your writing. They incorporate google adsense, and Amazon products throughout your posts.

There is a Social site similar to Facebook, called MEWE you may want to check out, although I’m not a fan, many are joining. I’ve tuned out from Twitter, besides the non stop political posts, it is now all about the Covid-19 virus, and I have to say it gets very depressing.

So, like I said, I will continue posting here and there. I just wanted to say I’m glad Ben has reopened Thoughts. This was always a great place, I hope it returns to what it once was. below, a little video I put together for my site.

If you have considered starting your own site and want some help with WordPress, there are a few guys you can turn to on YouTube who are experts in WordPress, you can find more info HERE!

A Day In The Life Introduction

In an attempt to make my life seem interesting and not a massive void that it actually is in reality I have decided to start a series of blogs titled ‘A Day In The Life’, so in lieu of an actual active and interesting life I thought that possibly making up some bullshit stories will suffice. I’m not sure how it’s going to turn out or if anyone would give a shit.

They will be mostly fanciful, occasionally topical or satirical, maybe funny and humourous and generally not to be taken seriously or in earnest.

Once I have some actual ideas of what to write I’ll begin this ill-conceived blog idea.

Names (including my own) and places will be changed when based on actual events in my life to protect the innocent (and the guilty).

Welcome Back Indeed

Hello Ben!

Amid this nostalgic blast from the past – which I’m happy to see, I have encountered issues.

I have tried to leave comments, but they don’t post.

I have tried ‘liking’ posts, but I get a pop-up screen inviting me to join wordpress. I thought that by having an account I was already a recognised user? I don’t understand it.

Teething problems I’m sure, but in the meantime, welcome back.

My Vegan Life

Hi everyone!

Welcome to my blog! I’m a 21 year old vegan girl from the UK. I’ve been vegan for over three years and I love sharing my tips, experiences, recipes and more via this blog.

Thanks for being here, have a look around!

My first thoughts.com post from wordpress.com

Free WordPress Blog Hosting

How do you like the WordPress featured image of a thoughts.com design from 2012. Going 8 years back on that one.

Thoughts.com is full of interesting stories and we organize them by topic and tag so you can search and find the information or product you need.

This is different that blogging on my domain which is what I’m used to. I kind of like it.

I’d gotten so use to Elementor web page builder WordPress plugin recently. Before that I had to get used to the new WordPress blocks system before that. I don’t know why I don’t see the new blocks here on wordpress.com. It feels easier to blog.

Maybe that’s the point huh?


Bloggers I’ve got amazing news. After a taking a 5 year break I’m bringing the thoughts.com blogging community back to life. This time, its powered by WordPress and is here to stay, forever!

Joining thoughts takes a minute and you can set up a free blog to share your thoughts.

Think positive thoughts each day with your daily thoughts meditations and your life will be colorful and filled with splendor.

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