so.. apparently we don’t have any blocking options or privacy settings.. I really appreciate my private email address being published to the world in general and advertisements for Viagra.. I never had an issue with “getting it up”

4 thoughts on “blocking”

  1. I was looking at that. I think I might have to change my to my gmail account- something that I dont use because I lam not comfortable with my email and IP address being out there for the world

  2. Not only that but tracking cookies … below my bottom profile was an ad for a site I visited today. What if I went to a naughty sight? Can only I see the ads on my profile or can others? Are the adds different for everybody? Every since I joined this place available singles have been e-mailing me saying unspeakable things. And cold Stone creamy has been hollering as well. I don’t want their sex and fatness.

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