Black hourglass sand

I find myself here again. This can be addicting. My thoughts no longer trapped in my head, finding ways to escape through portals of the hand. It used to be a pen in the shape of a key. Things change. Reinvention and renewal is essential. Making the old, into new. Is it possible? Is it possible to revive past relationships and is it possible for them to be new again?

I have always under estimated how intuitive I am. The ability to understand a situation correctly, and quickly. I suppose it’s only human to question it. I think I fell victim to questioning my intuition a little too much, and confused myself. Those are the times I made the worst choices for myself.

I had an intuitive realization this morning shortly followed by a deep reflection. I came up with me needing to accept the power that comes with being intuitive. I hear the phrase “it’s all within” and I thought it was just some regurgitated new age bullshit, until I understood it myself. This is not a religious or spiritual post…well maybe it has its undertone, but it’s not. It’s just about me learning more about me.

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