Bithiah or Stephanie as wife of Last Apostle in Paradise

In this world Last holy apostle gave glad tiding of being his wife in paradise to 3 holy women

One is his wealthy businesswomen wife Khadija that herself gave invitation of marriage to him when he was 25 years of age and handed him over her entire business and wealth attorney and authority

Last Apostle was academically illiterate did not know how to read and write but intuitively and divinely educated.

He was a successful and honest businessman and trader all his 4 companions Uthman Abubakr Ali Umar were successful businessman and traders and Holy Prophet in Today’s period for being honest and successful businessman can be awarded an honorary MBA.

Khadija invested in her cause and because of boycott and segregation of idolaters she departed in misery but till her last breath she never left him

Same women when Gabriel came with revelation in cave of hira to him he went home trembling and she covered perspire Ahmad P.B.U.H with blanket.

Her Jewish monk relative informed them this is that holy spirit or angel that came to Jesus Christ or other apostles he is last predicted apostle

2nd one is Ayesha She is daughter of his businessesman sponsor and companion of cave on whom he showed his miracle of his Saliva as antidote of Snake 🐍 poison that sting abubaker in cave when he placed his hand before snake that tried to bite last apostle

She was an educated Virgin and Memoriser of Arabic Bible and like her father a business mind blessed women.

Her virginity is evidenced in Arabic Bible and she was a women warrior when rebellious spread mischief after assassination of caliph uthman that Ali is not taking revenge of Uthman This mischief was manipulated by muawiya and interwar between mawiya and Ali resulted in blood shed of thousands of memorisers of Arabic Bible.

This rising conflict was resolved between Ali and Ayesha to save further lives..In this interwar Uwais Qarni supported Ali and martyred for him.

After Assassination of Caliph Ali Two dynasties were formed one was governed by muawiya and other by Hassan. Hassan transferred his dynasty to muawiya and unified the dynasty with terms after muawiya caliphate will be transferred to humanitarian Brother of Hassan Hussein.

Hassan was poisoned by muawiya and transferred his dynasty to his son yazeed. Yazeed assassinated generation of last apostle in battle of karbala and slaughtered hussein crushed his body ruthlessly underneath hoarses and his head is buried in his shrine. Miracle of his blood that is still flowing from that stone on which his head was rested is present.

Ayesha kept on repenting for being part of muawiya group throughout her life

Yazeed deconstructed House of Almighty Holy kaba Assassinated Righteous People Tabaeen impregnated pious women of Kabba while riding a donkey donkey gave him a sweet chin music his spinal cord ruptured and he was hanged by nature in that way.

Third women is Bithiah or Stephanie as wife of Last Apostle in Paradise

She was wife of pharaoh 1 and mother of Pharaoh 2 ramses who was drowned in sea and whose dead body is preserved in Egypt.

His entire story is in Arabic Bible and rebels of children of Isreal hurt Jehweh so much that entire Arabic Bible addressed them calling them oh children of Isreal do you remember.

Pharaoh 2 Ramses entire body is intact heart brain blood vessels food intake will regrow his body but I doubt Jews will resurrect Ramses as Terminator or Dajjal as claimer of Godhood.

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