Bipolar Disorder Tracking

So, this is something I don’t talk about often. I don’t talk about my experience having bipolar disorder (bpd). It’s difficult to explain to people because it hits everyone differently. I want to start tracking and writing my experiences for others to relate, on learn more about the experience.

Yesterday a lot happened. Both of my parents are confirmed Covid cases. I live with them. Having to quarantine for 10 days puts me out of work and I have several bills that are just overdue. I was in a panic almost all day. Panic attacks feel like blackouts. After it’s over i remember bits and pieces but not the full thing. That honestly happens with any of my “episodes” as I call them.

I woke up not too long ago and i just have the urge to be productive and work around my situation. I brushed my teeth and put on the waist trainer I’ve been saying I wanted to start wearing for months now. Everything seems okay so far right?


The kicker is, is seeing how long this positivity will last 😬

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  1. challenges in life come often so dont panic take a deep breath and just say to urself can handle it buddy and everything is gonna be alright……wish you more strenght

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