Big city life, you gotta get it right

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This one will be devoted to everyone who lives in a chaotic city for a certain amount of time and still living.

If you are in a big city, having an apartment downtown, or are concerned about the constant background noise because of the outside noise, you know how I feel. You can’t stop a big city from being a big city. The place that I am living right now is one of the most populated cities in the whole wide world. Yes, you guessed it. I am talking about Istanbul.

Everyone knows that the heart of the economy in Turkey is in Istanbul. The technology valleys are in Istanbul, the entertainment, historical landmarks, beautiful sights are all in this big city. Istanbul has 15.634.257 people in it. That is 15 million people. Some of the countries don’t have that many people in a whole country and this number is only for one city.

That is crazy. Living in this chaotic city is demeaning, challenging, and utterly crazy. Most of the time it feels like the city sucks your energy out of your body, no matter what you try. People on the streets are from many places worldwide, there are two sides of Istanbul which are distributed into two different continents, which is a unique geographical feature of this city. One part is in Asia, the other part is in Europe.

In Turkish Literature, people wrote poems about this city, people came here from every other city in Turkey with big dreams, some manage to stay and some couldn’t because of their background and capabilities. Many of the people challenged Istanbul, as a famous Turkish quote “Seni yeneceğim ulan İstanbul!” (I will beat you Istanbul) has been told in films. When people think about Turkey, they think about this particular city. Many people think that Istanbul is capital of the Turkey, sorry guys, Ankara is the capital of Turkey.

Living in this city is a challenge by itself. The noise never stops, people can shout and swear at 4 a.m., your neighbors may have sex when you feel blue and many other examples can be given. Finding peace is extremely hard because of the constant movement of the city, it basically never sleeps and it is irritating.

In a long run, I will leave this city. In a long run, this city will destroy my well-being and I can see it. I have to change the way that I live to find happiness, peace, and joy. The time is getting closer and I will get ready once it is time.

Oh, and before I forget, it is Istanbul, not Constantinople.

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