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Biden: 306 Trump: 232

I just heard Georgia and Arizona called it for Biden and North Carolina for Trump. I don’t know if those numbers are going to stick but from listening to all kinds of statisticians/number gurus that it is impossible to flip the outcome. Well….believe me Trump supporters I understand your frustration and grief. My party has not won yet ๐Ÿ™

Almost every election there are always claims of voter fraud …nothing new. And honestly I believe it happens here and there. I do believe anything is possible when it comes to American politics. One party gets in and they change the country to their liking or they try….and the other party gets in and they change all the changes the prior party made….back and forth. So we sit and wait 4 years in hopes we can change things in the next election. Its just the way of the land. We hope and pray that things don’t get too out of hand…that we don’t go to war…and that maybe the party in charge CAN make life better for all. America is a Yin and Yang country. Somehow… matter how different we are….we make this boat float. We hopefully are evolving and growing as a people through all of this.

Anyhow…..what I do know is that ONE DAY my party will win and the universe will rejoice.



4 thoughts on “Biden: 306 Trump: 232”

  1. It’s a bunch of craziness, isn’t it? I do agree with you about personal growth – it’s the best thing we can be focusing on right now. We may not be able to control the outer craziness but we do have control over our personal lives.

    1. YES! It can feel like a bunch of craziness. And YES….personal growth is such a beautiful thing.
      I always believe….we need to live our best lives. Be the best people we can be.
      I do my best to keep an open mind to everything. I do my best to understand different trains of thought.
      And you are right….we only have control of our lives and depending on how old your children are…their lives too. Ha! So I pretty much agree with all you said ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. I would love to see the Green Party be ascendent. But right now we have to fight the “republican versus democrat” game. Maybe when more people wake up about the environment, the Green party will have its chance.

    1. Funny thing is…..without a planet to survive on ….it doesn’t matter what any party wants or thinks. It’s going to be all about survival and possibly the human race dying off.
      And IDEALY we illuminate parties all together and just have people running on their own ideologies. And if that can not happen any time soon…we need at least 7 different parties.

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