Best made plans….and having a do-over

I started out, back on another blog site, determining to re-post another blog to this site. You see, some of those blogs were written years ago, so first I read the item to see if it is something that can be used again in a different location. Then, once that determination has been made and the decision has been made that it is somehow worthy of being re-told in this new environment, I copy and paste the text here.

This particular blog entry was about our tendency, as human beings, to want to do a do-over. This suggests a time to be able to look at actions taken in the past and take the opportunity to re-do it better, or more efficient way. Often, we realize that what we did wasn’t really in the interest of our higher good, and therefore could be viewed as an error or mistake. In other cases, it might just be a more optimal way of doing the same thing. For example, in my case, although I can’t regret my youth of living for travel and food, if I had a good over, I might start saving a bit sooner so my retirement years would be even more comfortable than they have been thus far.

As I was undergoing this process of deciding to move the article, something happened. That became the perfect example of a do-over. I got the opportunity re-do the entire article because between coping it (to copy and paste) and placing it here, it got deleted totally. Maybe I simply THOUGHT I copied and didn’t. Anyway, the original write up is gone, so I have a clean slate, quite literally, to rewrite and hopefully make it even more meaningful, or clear, or at least different. Maybe even the fact that I lost the original can serve as a good example of how we search, as human beings, for those opportunities to do things over so we can do them better.

Certainly, not remembering every word of the original article, it will be somewhat different, in any case. I do know that I talked about seasons. Spring is the time for rebirth and with the belief in Easter, resounds with the idea of giving life to things that are or were dead. This dovetails quite well with the do-over concept of getting another chance.

Then there is New Years, which stands, in many of our minds and hearts, as another such opportunity to do better than before. Some of us, who have trouble making or keeping resolutions (here I raise my hand), often consider BOTH times to be symbolic an suggestive of an opportunity to do things better and move through life in a better direction.

And then, there are those of us who simply strive each day to make that day a do-over. We can’t go back and change anything that we have done, but having a do-over is a chance to do better in the future. For obvious, or maybe not always so obvious, reasons, that is always an idea that humans find attractive and meaningful.

This is illustrated in the old story about humans being the only animals that ever blush because they are the only ones that ever need to. Maybe those two (blushing and a do-over) have a very direct connection and are an element of what makes us human beings. It does feel that engrained, certainly.

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