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Being Sober part 2

So far it’s been one month and 3 days since I quit drinking. I am starting to lose the urges to drink. I’ve been talking with friends mainly. I honestly enjoy talking to more people, so if you see this post and you want to talk say something in the comments! I met 2 people on whisper (an app where you can post stuff anonymously) and it is awesome. I met one girl who is really nice, and she lives really close. I also met a couple that I am meeting tomorrow. I think.

Being social is my new alcohol.

I am also planning on attending some AA meetings this weekend. My boyfriend is going to walk me to one, I think. I need to start going and taking responsibility. I need to talk to like minded people instead of just venting to my boyfriend all the time. He can only handle so much.

That’s it for now.

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