Been a while..

It’s been a while since I joined. This is my first post, if I’m not counting the posts I made on my previous account which I lost access to. I really want to see my older posts.. I was writing a lot back then, so it would be kind of insightful to see my growth. Can we find our old data? Please reach out with info. And text me, I’m free to talk and get to know you guys.

4 thoughts on “Been a while..”

  1. Hi Komet, I really don’t know if that is possible. Colorado would have more information on that if you want to reach out to her.
    Good to see more people coming back and WELCOME HOME to you. 🖖

  2. I wish I had all of my old posts back from 2007. It would be nice to visit my younger self.

  3. its that kind of wishy washy thinky thoughty that brings us up to those words. It wouldnt take too much to get us back there. This place is hard to navigate, hard to communicate. I grabbed a lot of thoughts before is went away, I dont know if PM’s exist here but if your original thoughts was the same username, Ill see what I have.

    We write ourselves down, leaving footprints in sand
    How close we are to red, how close we are to blue
    And were seeking, ever searching
    for that you that everyone sees
    and wants to be
    and wants to forget
    and has to remember.

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