I Could Become a Spam Warrior!

A thought just occurred to me as I watched yet another spam post get generated. Because I come from the other side of the pond, namely the UK, I see a lot of it happen during the time when the US spam battlers/moderators are most probably asleep. During those times I could instantly delete those annoying posts and nip them in the bud and no one need ever see them. I wonder if Ben would be agreeable to such a proposition?

Because it’s difficult at best to contact Ben, maybe one of the mods in here could mention this to him on their next communication with him.

5 thoughts on “I Could Become a Spam Warrior!”

  1. You know….the last few times I was on it was around 2am California time and you were on too. And believe it or not I thought the exact same thing about you. You would make a perfect Spam Soldier. I thought it because my time here has become more off. I made a rule that the only time I spend online is when I am in my room where I leave my laptop. And when my days are full and busy I head to bed and don’t look at this thing. But there are days like when I broke my toe….I left my laptop on the couch where I was camped out and I spent more time online.
    PLUS….you contribute. And I feel people that contribute have a vested interest in this place.

    I think Ben would love the idea.
    Though it may take time…….let’s see what happens.
    Thank you for caring 😉

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