Bagpipes, Danny Boy, and the story behind it

I have always been told that my heritage is Scotch-Irish.  I don’t know about that, I suspect I am a heins 57 mongrel, but let’s say that the Scotch and Irish cultures has a certain fascination for me.  I laid my subsequent interest in the Presbyterian Church (I was raised in a very radically protestant church but went over to the Presbyterian in my early teens) to that influence.  It just “felt right” to me from a cultural, social, and attitude aspect.

Imagine my reaction to bagpipes, and the song Danny Boy when a blogster friend of mine under my other non-de-plum put up a version of Danny Boy sang by a 4 year old girl.  I decided I had to try to find it with bagpipes.

I like bagpipes, making me a true Scotch-Irish person, I suspect.  Anyway, the song I really like best done on pipes is Amazing Grace, but Danny Boy is a song that I think calls out for bagpipes aslo.

Why not enjoy this version of Danny Boy and then listen to a bit of history of how this fameous song came to be.

Enjoy…as your Sunday pick me up.

8 thoughts on “Bagpipes, Danny Boy, and the story behind it”

  1. Ceud mile failte, Charaid!

    A hundred thousand welcomes, friend. The pipes always stir the heart in those who are truly Celtic. Have you heard ‘Highland Cathedral’ ( and ‘Flowers of the Forest’ ( on the pipes? Those are two of my favorites. I am an old, and getting older, Thoughtster from back in the early days of it’s inception and was privileged enough to meet Ben and some of the other thoughts people. I am born in Scotland raised in Glasgow but became an American citizen a few years ago to be with my wife and two sons. The Celt in me will never die however!

    1. Thanks, James. I am glad we finally got your comment up here so I can respond. Very glad you like. Actually a Christian song “Amazing Grace” is I think my very favorite song for bagpipes, but this one is wonderful too.

      We never truly lose our roots, I don’t think, any of us.

  2. Hi Friend 🤗
    YEARS ago….early 2000’s I went to see the Irish Tenors in concert and fell in love with Ronin Tynan ❤️ It is one of my most favorite concerts I have attended. They all sang so beautifully and they would joke around between songs. So funny. And when they sang Danny Boy there was not a dry eye in the crowd. I will try and post a short video of them at the end of this post.

    We use to have a few Scots and Irish who posted with us. The Scotsmen would get wild and unruly so they would have to keep them apart 😁 (Teasing of course) Mr. Bradly still post with us.
    We had a poster who was half Scots and was born in Canada and learned to play Bagpipes because it was what they did over there.I guess you would call them culture classes of sorts. He learned Bagpipes and he was about to start the Gaelic classes but he didn’t complete them for some reason. I can’t remember the reason.
    Anyhow… should look into your family tree.

    Irish Tenors💜

    1. I haven’t looked into my family tree and when my mother was still alive, she could never go back more than 2 generations before the names started blurring or being unknown. But there is site where for about 130.00 or so, they are supported to be able to accept a blood sample and see who all else has been tested that is related to you. I have been thinking about trying that.

      And the singing of the tenors was good also.

  3. As this song is so widely known and enjoyed by many, I find the fact that no one knows who actually wrote the music (lyrics came after the fact) more fascinating than the song itself.

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