After reading the sad news of the passing of a writing legend: my friend Badlydrawnstickman, I thought it would be an appropriate thing to give a link to his site. It is not clear if the site will remain open or not, but I would imagine, or like to think that it will be in cyberspace for all eternity.

So please take a moment and give his site a quick once-over, his entire back catalogue can be found there dating right back to July 2007 when Thoughts opened its doors to the public at large.

He actually dedicated a story to me and that can be found in the May 2014 archive: a story called “Verdict.”

Happy reading, and like me, I hope you remember the Stickman.
His site can be found here.


  1. I also joined in 2007 and knew this writing legend quite well. Met this kind, gifted man in person. He was from Canada. Im going to go looking for all his blogs. Hope they are stored somewhere. I lost ALL MY BLOGS and I had hundreds. Rosemary Snyder used to be @goroe and @Publicist

    1. The site was taken down a short time after posting this blog, either by a family member, friend, or because site fees were still outstanding due to his untimely death. I was hoping it would occupy a permanent place in hyper space – but in reality, blog sites are not free for the people who own domain names, they have to be paid for annually, so I can only assume that a decision was taken to remove it to save any headaches in the future.

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