Back at it again!

So I used to have a profile on the original site, then I had one that I made for here that I just can’t access. This is my final one (I hope) and the username is a throwback to my OG thoughts name (if anyone cares or remembers)!

Basically I’m tired, oh man I’m tired. There has been a lot happening that I’ll go into more detail about later on.

For now, I have bipolar disorder and ptsd. Both affect my every day life as I try and become stable and sober. I am actually 6 days away from being 9 months sober.

This space will mostly be for me to vent! I will be posting semi regularly and mostly about my struggle with mental health.

I hope to meet some cool people!

(the profile pic is a gift my fiance gave me for Easter)

4 thoughts on “Back at it again!”

  1. Hi Becky, and welcome back to Thoughts.

    About your other profile you can’t access. Would it be “Becky 2021 – Beth Becky? Try it now.
    I think you got accidentally marked as a spammer and that is why you have been unable to access it. I have undone this action so all should be well.

    Should you not want your old profile anymore it can be deleted if you wish it so.

    1. That isn’t my old profile. I don’t have the email for my old profile anymore and I don’t even remember the username to be honest.

  2. From what I understand, mental health problems don’t exist, they’re just a coverup and an excuse for sin. I believe that but don’t yet fully understand the concept. Makes ya kind pf think, doesn’t it? That it’s quite possible we do have a choice with our behaviors? 🙂

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