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Quarter Life Crisis

Driving myself mad

Haven’t spoken to Josh since. This is such a horrible feeling. I wish I had someone to talk too. Deep down I think I know it will be alright because it isn’t actually that bad I don’t think and possibly just my hangover making me feel worse. Really want to talk to him but know I shouldn’t.


He’s told me I’m talking too much and that he isn’t a big on texting. Read back through the messages. God I am pathetic all moany and woe is me… exactly the sort of stuff that makes him not fancy me! Well done me! Another spectacular fail. How to fix this??? Told him I would leave him alone… conversation over. I wish we could rewind or fast forward time sometimes…… Read More »Update

Drunk mistakes

Well, I’ve managed to undo all my hard work with my friend with benefits… Josh. You see I was trying to play it cool, and it was working a treat! Josh was texting me, calling me…. It was all going so well…. Until we met up last night and I drank a bottle of rose on an empty stomach…. Why am I such an idiot!? I was chatting absolute crap,… Read More »Drunk mistakes


Spencer When I met Spence, I was, undeniably, in the worst place in my life – toxic, emotionally abusive, long term relationship with a very selfish man child. As well as self-harming, drinking to block out the emotional pain, and oh so very depressed. It’s only now I can see just how bad of a place I was in, it’s quite frightening actually. Spencer, however, was quite literally my knight… Read More »Spencer

One mistake at a time…

Single, Thirty-Nothing, London Based, Dynamic Girl…. Who makes quite possibly the worst decisions in life, falls for the wrong guys and is spectacular at royally fucking up – One mistake at a time! There are two men in my life, they are good guys, neither know what they want relationship wise, and so begins ‘The Game….’ – Yeah, I should walk away, but that would be the easy option – one… Read More »One mistake at a time…