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mercy rains

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mercy rains the storm has been gentled into a softy constant patter on the roof.. it falls almost straight to the place below.. not enough wind to push the weight of it aside.. I have come to realize that there are different kinds of mercy even as there are different kinds of rain.. this is one of the mercy rains.. I wonder if it rained mercy in the garden that… Read More »mercy rains

you hoo.. it’s me again..

well.. I just happened to need to open the email account I have connected to this site and found email from some old friends.. so I came to respond to them.. and what to my wondering eye did I find.. not one.. not two.. but a bushel and a peck of old friends.. you may lure me back yet.. ~~olla~~

Friday Surprise!

The week is about to end. Another day marked off my dwindling life.. I am getting very miserly with my time these days and I don’t like wasting any of it. I like it even less when someone else wastes it for me. There comes a day when you start parsing it out in Nano seconds. I had a second grade teacher that always had a Friday surprise. So far… Read More »Friday Surprise!

good morning!!!

good morning thoughts,com.. it’s a lovely rainy morning here on the coast.. I can’t tell you how good it is to have a palace to go again.. it feels like home.. I do know it is going to be different but I haven’t found any blogging site that quite match what my experience was with they say we always remember the first.. of anything.. and I guess it is… Read More »good morning!!!

an interesting day

it has been an interesting day.. I want to thank Jules for helping me find my way around.. I think I can work with this.. we’ll see.. I sent requests to those I could find.. if you changed your name let me know who you were so I can recognize you as a friend.. I am excited to reconnect.. ~~olla~~

and so it begins.. again..

imagine my surprise when I opened that email account because there was some new activity.. some one by the name of toyray was requesting friendship on a site called thoughts’com.. how could this be.. I spent days frantically transferring everything I could to SAVE before poofed out of existence.. I will never know if I got it all or not.. so now.. here I am.. still wondering if we… Read More »and so it begins.. again..

morning at the beach

winter is nipping at the heals of autumn.. the first of the “winter” rains came yesterday and continued through the night.. it is cold and windy.. the long soaking rains of yesterday will help with the still smoldering fires in the south coastal hills.. mercy from heaven.. coffee is good.. olla


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I have been gone for the last ten days and I was hoping that there would be a setting that would allow members or friends only to view our work.. but I see that nothing has changed.. so this site is no different than twitter or facebook..  and I will be obliged treat it as such.. that is a sad thing..  I was hoping it would be a safe blogging… Read More »SECURITY..

still no security

I have read every post that has been published since last Saturday and I have not logged in one time.. I am sorry that Ben has no regard for either our intellectual or personal security.. I will not password protect my work.. I will not ask for your passwords nor will I make you ask for one of mine.. I will not form or join a group that is restricted… Read More »still no security


I had high hopes for this site.. but until there is a security format in place I will not be posting much.. I will not put my friends through the embarrassment of asking for a password nor will I put them on the spot by asking for one..  I have been able to do everything except post comments with out logging in for a week now.. tell Ben that IS the… Read More »security..