Passing Time

I hope everyone is being safe and staying home. What are you all doing to pass the time? Are all of you home or are some of you still working?

I pretty much rearranged my kitchen. I took a week to do it because I was trying to spread it out to occupy my time. I hit half of my garage already and half of my closet. Mind you…they were in pretty good condition before…..but I need to fill this time so I am rearranging , reorganizing, and this and that. I still had my house keeper show up because well….I don’t want to scrub the other toilets. Ha! And I know she still needs income. Since the house was clean she took time to scrub upholstery.

My hair is another story. My grays are singing out loud. Before this lock down got crazy I had an appointment with my hair stylist which I canceled for a few reasons. My shoulder was bothering me and the pain went up my neck. Also….as much as I enjoy my hair stylist I wanted to find a new one. So the shoulder pain kind of helped me take the first step in leaving my guy. Mind you….I have been with Al for over 2 years. I ran into his shop by pure luck at the time. He only had 2 chairs…which I LOVED because I don’t like crowds and don’t like hearing all the salon chatter. He was located a few doors down from my Witch friends business so it wouldn’t be a reach for me to drive to. He was higher end…..double of what I was paying my other hair dresser I was leaving. But when I walked into his cute shop…..turned out he knew me. We apparently went to the same high school. HOW FUNNY IS THAT? He remembered me and my sister and brother. I felt horrible because I couldn’t place him. But knowing we grew up in the same area….knew some of the same people I felt we were destined. But lately….he has expanded his business and was taking on mentees and I felt he was outgrowing me and my simple needs. WHICH is good for him….because this has been his dream. But I am still stuck in the WANT for a small, 2 or 1 chair salon. I think working in the casino world all these years has permanently turned me off to crowds. Anyhow… search was on for a new hairstylist when this Corona business went seriously down so now… grays are very noticeable. I could order my own color and do them myself….but with my shoulder still aching I for some odd reason am ok with the greys. I actually mentioned to my sons….this may be the sign I need to just let them grow and really be natural. But my youngest looked at me with a serious look and said… Ha! I have been wanting to try purple hair….so I might play around with color. Why not….where am I going




It finally arrived…RAIN. We have been having an endless summer again. Finally feels like autumn.

I baked a few pumpkins yesterday to experiment with a few pumpkin pie recipes. I know I could just buy canned pumpkin….but why make things easy? ha! After I make them completely from scratch I can use canned the next time. I have an odd way of thinking.

THIS is one of the pies I will making. It just looked so good. Of course it’s Martha Stewart’s 😉

Alright…thats what’s happening here in California. Hope everyone is doing well and getting into the seasonal spirit.

Santa Ana Winds AGAIN

Looking west towards the ocean.

When we get this weather I am always looking out for signs of smoke. At this point the Skys were clear and LUCKILY we had no fires.

Looking south at smoke in Mexico

I was watching local news about how our power company was cutting power to homes out in the mountains to prevent fires in the high winds and they reported a fire across the border. I went out and saw the smoke. The smoke was heading west.

Smoke over the ocean

And there went the clear day.

I know it sounds odd…but smoke can make a beautiful sunset. I know I told my being trapped at work for a few days story during our 2001 fires. But when we tried to get home we were directed down roads with fallen trees that we had to drive around …and there were so many little fires inside so many trunks of these old big oak trees. It was beautiful. I admit being traumatized for a few years since that fire. There was a point traffic stopped and fire was coming over a mountain and I was planning an escape route in my head. Where could I run? Cars were not moving. Anyhow…. 18 years later I still get a little anxiety when these winds start.

I think about how I remember saying to myself growing up….Why do those people keep moving back or rebuilding in Hurricane prone areas or in Tornado Alley when the news would cover all the death and destruction. And I imagine people say the same about us in California. Why do we live in Fire prone areas….or how we stay with these Earth Quakes? Makes you really think about it.

Just rambling ….. 😉


So I’ve been in a battle with my friend Vertigo for the last week. HORRIBLE!!!

Ive been sitting up most of the time because to try and lay down would trigger the spinning. I had my pillows staked so high to get a few hours of sleep at a time. I was not in the mood to talk to anyone so its been audiobooks and tv shows.

Do you know….it’s impossible for anyone to keep up with all of the new and old tv shows? I have hundreds of channels and I discovered so many new shows while I was down and out. There is a network called Outside that has the most amazing shows about life outside. Hiking….traveling on foot and bike….living on a boat…..I guess it could be a channel for dreamers. We have every pay channel you can imagine and I never watch them. The only reason we have them is because its a package deal that comes with extremely fast internet. My son is a gamer so speed is important for him. And since he pays for it…..I can’t really complain about all these wasted channels. But not only do you have your cable provided networks….you have shows on Netflix/Hulu/Amazon/Apple….and we have all of those and some also. So one day I went through and clicked record on all the shows I had an interest in and went to the other channels to start watching other shows I had an interest in. My DVR is almost full and there is no way I can watch all those ….and I am retired. I couldn’t imagine all these shows when I worked. I don’t think you would have much of a social life if you watched so much tv. With so many shows out there…..the average person can’t keep up…so how can shows get nominated for awards fairly? You don’t have to answer….I am just typing what is flying through my head. Anywho….

My favorite shows during the Vertigo bout were the old cooking shows on Create Tv which is a PBS station. These two ladies are so fun to watch..

I for some odd reason watched a lot of old television on “This” and “Antenna Tv” networks. Shows like the Avengers, the Saint, Father Knows Best. Yes….I can be nerdy. And it gets nerdier….I love the Hallmark Channels so I watched the Autumn Movies and Holiday movies and old episodes of Hart to Hart. Jennifer Hart was so pretty and classy.

Oh…cant forget Carival Row on Amazon Prime. I watched 3 episodes and love this show. I hope to finish the 8 episodes some day soon.

Ok….its getting late ….3am! ha! I actually started writing this 3 hours ago but kept getting distracted. I guess I should have posted this in the Forums under TV and Movies. But I don’t think I want to chance copy and pasting this elsewhere. I am not that savvy. Besides…theres only maybe 7 regulars here….I am sure you don’t mind 😉 I have more shows to share but I need to get back on some kind of sleeping schedule now that my world stopped spinning.

Hope everyone is well…….


My welcome home party.
I actually got home from my road trip last week. I walked out to my balcony to say hello to the hills and the ocean and look who came to greet me.
A flock of Crows.
Figured it was a nice picture to welcome October.

Hi October 😉

I’m home

I spent about 5 weeks at my parents house. Just my luck…as soon as I get home the dryer breaks down. Technician was a no show yesterday as I wasted half my day waiting on him.

I tried to carry too many things into my room and being as skilled as I am….I balance my Starbucks on my laptop. That lasted 20 seconds before it went down all over my cream carpet. My son dropped his fries and ketchup on the middle landing of the stairway. That carpet also being cream colored. My cat Clover threw up….also on the cream carpet. So today…..I have the carpet cleaner here for a few hours. I really need more area rugs. So I am sitting here at the dining room table catching up on all the excitement that is Thinkr waiting for the carpet cleaner to finish.

I hope everyone has been enjoying the summer weather…..because it kind of felt like fall the other day.

There is no rhyme or reason for this post …..just to shoot the breeze and let people know why I bombarded the place with post.

Tata 😉


One cookie down……99 to go.

I baked my cookies last night at midnight and finished around 3am. With my sister in town it has been non stop go go go. I finally got home around 7pm tonight and had time to order pizza and put my feet up before my nephew called and wanted to go see a 10:45pm showing of Aquaman. NO WAY…..I have to decorate my cookies and bake some banana bread and as much fun as seeing a movie will be ….staying home decorating cookies is calming for me. So off my sister went as I sit in silence humming away.

There is no way I can go into detail on these cookies….simple is the way this year. And squiggly lines will have to do too.

Hope all of you are well and all ready for this Christmas.

A belated Happy Solstice to all.