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Hey Ya'll! My name is Britt and I am from the woods of Rural GA. I have three children and am a single mom. I am attending GCU to get my BA in Secondary Education ELA. I hope to teach Middle School students because I believe that middle school is a pivotal time in Young Adult lives. They need strong, understanding figures in their lives and teachers who want to aide and inspire them along their academic journey. My son is Autistic and has an autoimmune disorder so I know how important it is for teachers to advocate for their students (as well as parents..). I think that it is important for teachers to always be the best version of ourselves for our students because we have no clue what kind of environment our students are going home to and for all we know we may be the kindest, encouraging people in their lives. I am currently taking ENG 355, Multicultural Literature with Dr. McGuire at Grand Canyon University. We have learned ALOT in seven weeks and this class has given me a greater appreciation for multicultural literature and a deep love for global literature that usually almost, always begins with a writers journey and reflection into WHO they really are, their culture/cultures and how they have shaped their lives. Global Literature is literature that incorporates values of multiple cultures while still remaining true to their own values and reflecting it therein. And I have found that I have learned alot about myself and the condition of being human along the way. I hope you all enjoy " My Corner". XOXO, Britt

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