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Benjamin Ogden One Love Philosophy

One Love Philosophy

ONE LOVE Share personal views in a respectful & supportive place on on come from all over the world with one thing in common.One Love that unites us all.Its a universal love (or multiversal). Friendly People Sharing Their Thoughts for the Day Mindfulness on Thoughts We can learn so much from one another as long as were mindful of being open-minded and actively seek to learn new things.… Read More »One Love Philosophy

Red Dog Casino 225% Bonus

Red Dog Casino Reviews

Red Dog Casino Greetings to the community! Today, I bring to you my personal insights on a rising star in online gambling platforms: Red Dog Casino. Red Dog Casino has remarkably garnered significant popularity within its short span of two years in operation. Catering especially to the US online gambling market, it’s one of the few US friendly online casinos that welcomes players from every corner of the United… Read More »Red Dog Casino Reviews

Lucky Land Slots

Play free slots casino games at Lucky Land Slots in 2023

As most of you already know I run an online casino affiliate marketing business and have been working as a casino affiliate since 2001. That typically involves write reviews of internet casinos but this time I’ve got an innovative idea I’m going to explore and see whare it goes. 2023 has been a year of innovation. For both AI and for myself personally. I created many business foundations this year… Read More »Play free slots casino games at Lucky Land Slots in 2023

What is Online Gambling?

What is Online Gambling? 13 Things to Know…

Online Gambling What is online gambling, how does it work and is it legal? 1. What is online gambling? Also called internet gambling, or, online betting, is when people place real bets over the internet. This is considered as “online gambling“. All types of betting activities such as playing at online casinos for real money, playing online poker for money, betting on sports matches and buying online lottery tickets &… Read More »What is Online Gambling? 13 Things to Know…

bloggy ai content generator

Try the Bloggy AI art generator for free

If you’ve been on lately then you’ve probably read some of my posts about Bloggy.AI. It provided free artificial intelligence tools like image generators and AI content optimization tools. Bloggy was created in February 2023 with a mission of becoming the ultimate AI powered blog platform and AI content creation service. I added two different art generators to Bloggy.AI community for now that are 100% free at the moment.… Read More »Try the Bloggy AI art generator for free

Bloggy AI Art Gallery

Please check out Bloggy.AI – I think you’re gonna love it (hopefully)…

Without further adieu, I’m introducing Bloggy.AI – a blogging community with the power of artificial intelligence (AI). You can create AI generated art, AI generated stories, write your own personal stories and creative writing plots. And its FREE! Please try it and let me know what you think. This is only day 1 so please understand this is a first look at the concept I’m developing for 2023!

AI Content Generators & Story Writers

If you haven’t heard by now there are pretty amazing new AI writing tools that you can utilize to assist you in your content writing endeavors. I’ve created an artificial intelligence software review site at that you can go on to learn about the latest and best AI software, AI Art generators, AI content generators and AI SEO tools. I founded AIgeeked in November 2022 and have been working… Read More »AI Content Generators & Story Writers

TrustGeeky: Digital Tech Reviews

TrustGeeky Geeky Technology Reviews Hello! I’m excited to introduce you to my new digital technology reviews website TrustGeeky – its an informative new tech brand & tech reviews site. As many of you know, I’ve been creating lots of websites & internet technologies for half of my life now. What’s cool about TrustGeeky is its going to be my first ever comprehensive super-reviews-site (think Walmart Super Store – it… Read More »TrustGeeky: Digital Tech Reviews

Cheap Web Hosting Services

What are the best cheap website hosting services?

Cheap web hosting services Hello thoughts! I’ve published a new page that explains how to select the best cheap web hosting service on (BWHS). BestWebHostingSites (BWHS) was started earlier this year in 2020 and is already in the top 100 web pages on Google for people searching for the “best web hosting sites“. I’m rather excited about this achievement because the web hosting service industry is a monster business… Read More »What are the best cheap website hosting services?