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Once it breaks it will be hard to bring it back together. Everyone you see will look fake. Everyone will make you feel that you have no one to trust. It will make you think that they’ll soon break you apart. They will not fulfill all the words that they said. You will never ever trust their words.


The only reason I am still living is my aunt and my furbaby 🙂 How funny that it isn’t my mom or dad. I’m just really tired want to have a break and then when I feel okay, maybe, just maybe, I can start living again

Respect Goes Both Ways

If you want to be respected then you should respect others first regardless how old are you, who you are, what is your status in life. It is never one sided. You can call me disrespectful but I am just mirroring what you are doing. If you don’t like how I act then you should change the way you act towards me. I ain’t a saint so I’ll have my… Read More »Respect Goes Both Ways

Unfair World !

Today when I wake up and check my mail I saw the most heartbreaking news of my life… And that is loosing a friend. A friend of mine died because of brain tumor he’s body gave up on his third session of chemotherapy. This news broke me into pieces. He is the most humble and kind guy I’ve ever met. It is so rare to see him getting mad you… Read More »Unfair World !


We people always have our own way to motivate ourselves especially the times we were so down. We lift ourself up by reading motivational qoutes, talking to our friends, or going infront of the mirror and tell yourself that “you can do it”. But there is always a time qoutes doesn’t work anymore, your friends will not be available to help you, and even if you tell yourself a hundred… Read More »Send MOTIVATION

Stop Holding back!

We speak up if we see something isn’t right. We voice out everything we want, either for our own convinience or for others advantage. We let everyone know our opinions about certain issues for them to understand what are we fighting for and let them judge what is wrong and what is right… Our ancestors gave their best to continue or freedom. For us to live a life far from… Read More »Stop Holding back!


Waiting is the most painful part of life. Why? Because you don’t know if the person you are waiting for is going to come back or not. Even though you cant guarantee that person will go back you still keep on waiting.