The Batman Ash/Weisie)Aishoo( Avicenna)

Asperger Syndrome/Dementia / Sensory Perception weakness Anorexia Recovered Psychedelic /Dyslexia /Dyscalcula Avicenna of Today's age An Ignorant Doctor is AIDE DE CAMP of Death Avicenna Don't let educated Ignorants and little mind people perceive you from their limited perceptions......Aishal Little mind people will drag you to their understanding level and beat you with their experience When prestigious families forsake you as a result of some personal conflict and prejudice Every second person will bring his wishful defamation to get rumoured like fire in forest enough to be alone and kill you socially economically politically ultimately physically An eternally successful person is one that lay firm foundation of sky scrappers cementing the bricks that people fire to him for success in both lives. Aishal Quotes

Temporal Lobe and Hippocampus damaging sharp blow from behind

So far my miraculous brain remained a mystery for many movie makers including My name is Khan Gajni Tare Zameen pr and dhoom 3 as… Read More »Temporal Lobe and Hippocampus damaging sharp blow from behind