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Asperger syndrome and above 140 Intelligence Quotient

The people with Asperger syndrome lack sociability and follow repetitive pattern and routine social circuit is limited but due to being caged in paralysed brain 🧠 they maintain child psychology the way they are born and their intelligence quotient in their cognitive development reaches 140 …they acquire uniquely and follow unique equation to reach same results as normal minds reach objectively

Difference between normal brain and asperger brain is inferring the results and processing the information subjectivity as comarked to objectivity of normal brain processing

A wonderful serial on geniuses of Asperger people is Aap ki Antra and Bollywood King SRK Blockbuster My name is Khan

Famous Asperger Genius is E=MC^2

Albert Einstein


Thomas Edison

Electric bulb 💡 inventor

Every child is born unique

Every child is a born scientist

Well when brain 🧠 lose contact with practical outer world It invents its own world and day dream with it that’s why he looks preoccupied every time

This condition paralyse brain with in skull and it give raise to schizophrenia..

And This condition is Autism due to concussion and results in Amnesia Short term memory disorder Confusion and staggering speech dyscalculia and other reported neural dysfunctions..

Concussion may be result of nasty blow on brain.

I am 2 times concussive resulting in Amnesia I have totally forgotten my past

And I have Asperger like brain.

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